By drunkard - 13/08/2009 14:16 - Germany

Today, I was at a party with my girlfriend and this older guy came in and started talking to me about his rock climbing lessons earlier that week. I told him "I'm really drunk, so I really couldn't give a shit about what you did." It was my girlfriend's father picking her up to go home. FML
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OP Here! First off, the company ISP is based in Germany, but I'm in the Netherlands. Secondly, I didn't know it was her f*cking dad! This older guy just comes up and is like, "Hi, how are you?" and everything and he starts talking about rock climbing... I mean, come on. First 5 minutes, okay, the dude was busy for what felt like 10, maybe 20 minutes. I couldn't handle it. I went to kiss my girlfriend to tell her goodbye cause I saw her grab her stuff and she says her dad is here to pick her up, and that's when I see her to hug him and realize it's him. Now, that's more than 170 characters, which is all that is allowed.

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YDI for being disrespectful to anyone. And being a drunk.

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woww... i think you pretty much screwed that up. YDI.


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woww... i think you pretty much screwed that up. YDI.

Unless you were over the drinking age? And so what, I wouldn't care about his or anybody else's climbing lesson.

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Well you're certainly arrogant, aren't you?

YDI for being disrespectful to anyone. And being a drunk.

Stfu. Being drunk and being a drunk are two different things. Douchefag

Either way it means he doesn't know his limits, so YDI OP.

just because he was drunk doesn't mean he's A DRUNK. for all you know it was a first time kind of things.

YDI for being a drunk idiot! Know your limit.

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You're a ******* douche man.. 1. Drunk? Pathetic asswipe 2. That's just plain rude drunk or not.. You deserve to get your ass dumped.. Or better yet, take a rock climbing lesson, and let her dad push you off the top of it.

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2. That's just plain rude drunk or not.. You deserve to get your ass dumped.. It should be "That's just plain rude, drunk or not." Otherwise it sounds like rude goes with the word drunk.

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Not really being a grammar nazi. If it was in a sentence where it didn't hinder the reading of the sentence, I wouldn't say anything but his sentence just reads oddly.

True that, 40. Now I'm not going to say YDI for getting drunk, nah. However, you DO deserve for being a dick, even if drunk... though I know I'd probably do the same "Shut up ****** I'm sick of listening to you" is what I've wanted to say to a lot of people for a long time, and, y'know, Freudian slips and all...

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All of you who are saying 'ydi for being drunk' are ******* idiots. What's wrong with being drunk so long as he's safe about it? And plus, he had no ******* idea the guy was his gf's dad. (it's assumed), so, **** BALL ****

Sure drinking should allow you the ability to be a douchebag asshole. Yep. I hope that when you or anyone else says to some random stranger, "**** you I'm drunk I don't give a shit about you or your life" that you get your ass knocked the hell out. Just because you decide to drink doesn't give you the "Be-an-Asshole" card. Plus as far as not knowing it was the GFs father I hope you people don't reproduce. So glad that with a little alcohol that you can't figure out or possibly scratch your head at someone that SHOULD have a familiar face (especially when you're dating his daughter). So again, drinking isn't bad if you don't turn into a douchebag. If you do, then hit me up because I have some pent up rage I'm willing to punch through your face if you decide that instead of being cordial you'll be a dick.

I agree with #8. He has every right to decide what to do with his body (assuming he's of legal age), especially at a party. He deserves whatever happens just for being an ass. But I get the feeling that he's an ass sober as well. Plus, we really don't know if he ever met the father before. He may just treat "strangers" like shit.

I remember reading that noted actor, war hero, raconteur and all round class act David Niven was slightly obnoxious once after drinking gin. The next morning he asked his friends if he had been in anyway boorish. They said he perhaps he hadn't been as charming as he usually was, but he had been the worse for drink. He was horrified to discover he had not been acting as a gentleman and never touched it again, so that no one would be subjected to unmannerly behaviour on his part. The point is, if you get drunk and act like a jerk, you are to blame for drinking in the first place.

#23 Dude, if some random guy starts talking to me about rock climbing, out of the blue, I am not an asshole just , if I'm as drunk as I hope I'd be in that situation, for telling him that I DON'T CARE. As for her father. You're not considering that it may not have been an old girlfriend? OR that somehow they've managed not to ever meet before that? I'm gonna assume that the OP is 21 or at least old enough to reasonably pass for it, if you're that old I don't see that it's all that necessary to meet her dad, if they were getting married it'd be a different story. All we got on this is what the OP-said, it said nothing about him ever seeing his girlfriend's dad before, and we have nothing to imply they've been together long enough for it to be expected.

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