By kaailin - 19/02/2015 13:29 - Australia - Magill

Today, I went to an ATM intending to withdraw $150. I approached the machine, inserted my card, typed in my pin and followed the prompts. When my card came out, I removed it, put it in my pocket and drove off. FML
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kaailin tells us more.

Hi guys, OP here. To clarify, it wasn't a drive through ATM, I walked back to the car before the money came out. Also to those asking how I managed to do such a careless thing - I had just had a stressful day at work on the closing shift so my mind wasn't with it. I'm lucky I have a loving family that can support me until my next pay day. And I hope I just hope the money ended up in hands that needed it more than myself.

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Well you made some random persons day thats for sure

Hey what goes around comes around! Maybe you will have some good luck in the future OP


Well you made some random persons day thats for sure

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nityasomaiya 46

I swear. I wish I had been that person who came into the ATM after you.

badluckalex 23

You two are evil. I would chase that person down and make sure they got their money!

I'm evil? Bitch, I'd be the modern Robin Hood! If you can afford to drive through an ATM, I can feed all the hungry ants in the world with the honey I'll buy with your cash.

I personally would have gone in the bank and returned it and advised them to see who withdrew it. That's just me.

Robin Hood stole from the government and gave to the poor. not from the rich. if you're going to be Robin Hood then do it right.

Thts mighty generous of you but most ppl won't do that coz it's just not in the human nature anymore ?

Teddzz 19

Shit happens. I had a similar situation, only it was my card I left behind. It's a pretty common mistake. Sorry OP.

I also did back whenSTM would swallow your card if it didn't get a response in a timely manner. I forgot to get the card back and left. Upon return minutes later I found the machine ate my card.

ShannonBitt 29

Don't they suck the card back in if it's not taken? Hopefully you realized quick enough to call and shut the card off.

I agree. I left 300 in one once... I may or may not have been intoxicated. I called the banks and everything and about two weeks latter they put the money back in my account.

olpally 32

Way to go genius... wow. No words can explain this stupidity.

UhHuhHoney 20

It happens to the best of us, doesn't make OP stupid.

Just like how words can't even describe your profile on here...

Jeez, normally I'm an asshole, but your comment hit rock bottom.

Well someone is extremely happy right now.

Thanks for the money! Should have been a wee bit more careful! I now have some serious beer money.

Karma will reward you greatly because the next person will be very happy. We know it wasn't an accident, you're just a very kind person and we all love you for it. Thank you OP

Happened to me once when I was stressed out before an exam. Karma did nothing for me: I failed.

That means you didn't try hard enough. Leave more next time.

Hey what goes around comes around! Maybe you will have some good luck in the future OP

19990231 29

She didn't do it on purpose, so it's not like she was doing a charitable act that karma will reward her for.

Rawrshi 25

30 - You realize intentionally doing a kind act just for karma doesn't work since the very act of doing something just to get something in return is considered selfish?

In the UK, if you dont remove the money within a minute or so, the machine takes back in the cash and your account is recredited

This may be true but many drive in ATMs have cars waiting in line back to back. Someone got that money for sure.

B1ackthesun 31

#25 I live where op does. I'd nerver seen or heard of a drive though ATM until I visited Phoenix Arizona last year. They kinda blew my mind as silly as it sounds. BUT I agree in few minutes good chance the cash has been snapped up.

The op said they drove past, chances are it was a drive up atm

B1ackthesun 31

#53 like said I live in the exact same place as op. 'South Australia' May seem vauge to foreigners but trust me it's a whole state and our population would make most of the world laugh. Unless Adelaide (our capital) has very recently had some huge upgrades we do not have drive through ATM machines.

#53 just because it said OP drove off doesn't mean its a drive in ATM. OP probably parked near where the ATM was.