By paprgrl421 - 13/05/2009 17:14 - United States

Today, my cell phone rang while I was still asleep. I picked it up, half asleep, only to find it was a wrong number from some guy. Three minutes later I receive a text message saying "Hey, you sound cute..." from the same number. I looked to see if he was local. I'm that desperate. FML
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paprgrl421 tells us more.

He was local, no I didn't respond. I live in a less densely populated area (i.e. small town) so it's very easy to see where he was from. I can even pinpoint his cellular carrier by his area code+***. That's how few places offer cell service in wisconsin

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Ha ha.. So, how's the relationship been?

Sadly enough, I wish that would happen to me


Ha ha.. So, how's the relationship been?

ashole1990 10

special. that happened to me before though

wow lol, thats sad, sorry, good luck if it turns out good

Sadly enough, I wish that would happen to me

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Well, A couple thousand for facial surgery and THEN post your number..

god bless america, haha

#177 At least she's not hiding her face in the shadows.stop being a piece of shit

KatherineAnne 7

You don't exactly look like a supermodel either, dumbass. Quit being an asshole.

If it makes you feel better, he must have been equally desperate.

Are you the guy?

#4, simply post your number on here. Let's just see what happens.

Why are you so desperate? Desperate enough that you'd consider some stranger...

blayke96 8

It's called a blind date.

CantusVulpis 12

Everyone is a stranger at one point. Gotta meet somehow.

who knows, people meet is strange way. could be fate

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lol i hope you're a girl...

(little pink symbol. Top right corner. Use it to your advantage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(little pink symbol. Top right corner. Use it to your advantage!!!!!!!!!)

rofl well thaaats a great story to tell people on how you two met, if you end up dating any how. "yeah, well, he called me by mistake and sent me a text..." yeap, very romantic.