By Lil_bit - 04/01/2010 05:05 - France

Today, I backed into our new garage door. The same new garage door that we purchased because I broke our old one by backing into it. FML
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I see a pattern here. Perhaps you should be more careful when driving.


I'd just make you pay for every garage door you backed into. Then, install it and dispose of the old one. Problem solved, you little prick.

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I believe this is the proper defenition of Irony

whoa, I don't think you should be giving definitions for anything, considering you can't spell it.

Your parents locked you out of the house for a reason, shoo! & don't breed while your shooing either.

I see a pattern here. Perhaps you should be more careful when driving.

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And stop putting on makeup and talking on the cell phone while backing into your garage door. (ooh, this is fun!)

She was wearing her Star Trek LaForge sunglasses and became disoriented.

I totally know what those are, and would wear a pair all day errday if I could.

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One of my ex gf's was asian and she hit one of the gas pumps while trying to park next to it to get gas... I was like, damn.

And they say people learn from their mistakes...

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and they have the car running in a closed garage? that's smart too.

Look around before you drive, and try to be a little more careful next time. =]