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By  hi_from_HI  |  0

Yeah it's called living in a dorm!!! You have to share your living space and she is not required to avoid going to her home all because of some sign. Guess it's time for you to grow up or find some other place if you can't control your urges.

By  Bloodknight  |  22

Wow, haha, well maybe you should have taken the hint and just invited her to join in. Or was it that you just liked being watched. Either way, there were multiple solutions to this, none of them ending bad for anyone, bwahahaha!

By  Glam_fml  |  0

So? She obviously didn't care, so why should you?

Atleast she got on the computer and played a game. She could have just stared at you or videotaped you. Now that would be much worse.