By mattdevil - 08/12/2011 18:57 - United Kingdom

Today, I went out in a storm to collect my wheelie bin, which had flown down the street. On the way back to my house, I realised my door had slammed shut and locked behind me. That's okay though, a trampoline decided to smash my window and let me in. FML
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Actually if I hadn't left the house I would have been hit by glass and a trapoline that was in my front room also it wasnt my trampoline

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What a helpful trampoline. No, please trampoline, after you.


The_SkyCantLimit 5

Well the window was already smashed in, so I guess it wouldn't hurt to bounce in and get a couple of shards stuck in the arm (:

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I wish my trampoline was that considerate.

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Last time I checked, you're supposed to stay inside your house during a strom -.- YDI. OP's these days...

So, because he went outside during a storm, a trampoline smashed his window? You, sir, have bad logic.

58- if i hadn't left my house I'd have been showered in glass and hit by a trampoline... Im now very cold but alive atleast

Takador 3

Meh… **** it, I'm too sleep-deprived to argue right now

93- sleep-deprived? Or smoldering over OP's logical answer?

Marcella1016 31

-_- 58 was being sarcastic. And was too tired after he came back as 93 to explain it to you all.

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PS - WTF is a wheelie bin?? PPS - **** anti-flood protection........

Wait a minute, wasn't there a YouTube video trending earlier of a person recording a trampoline rolling down the street in your area? talk about coincidence if not lol.

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there is actually. it's called "crazy wind" #hurricanebawbag

British equivalent to a trash can, 121.

Thank you 136 for not being a smartass...

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If the damage after the storm is that bad, the "wheelie bin" would be the last thing on my mind!

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My favorite FML. Sorry about your window, though.

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Wth do the neighbors have to do with anything?

WeAreAHurricane 14

Maybe because the trampoline wasn't OP's and I doubt it flew all the way from china or somewhere extremely far away -.-

Nowhere in the FML are the words "neighbor" or "China." Stupid girl is so stupid!

How is that stupid? She's saying the trampoline probably belonged to a neighbour!

It says a trampoline smashed my window not my trampoline so it was probably a neighboor's

Ah, flying trampolines. They make all the difference ;D

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OP most likely knew the storm was coming since they tell you on the news. They should hace taken in or secured everthing outside their house. YDI.

It was warned but nobody knew it would be so powerful. The winds got up to 165mph and it definitely wasn't expected to be as bad as it was

See? And you didn't think your day was gonna bounce back!

Trampolines are not sentient beings. You're Scottish so must be drunk because one cannot 'decide' to do something.

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Bouncy house+wheelie bin=sexytime?

What a helpful trampoline. No, please trampoline, after you.

It's nice to see that not all good trampolines r gone

That's okay though (period) A trampoline decided to smash my window and let me in.

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Isn't it a comma? And either way who cares...