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Today, I took my son to lunch. After we ate, the waitress came over and told me that my son was the most well-behaved child they had ever had there. His response was to pull his pants down and moon the entire restaurant while smacking his bottom. FML
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BekkyLove15 tells us more.

Nope! He ripped the tweeds down before I even had a chance to get up and get to the other side of the table. He definitely knows the difference between right and wrong, and was spoken to VERY sternly when back in the car. Of course, the talking to May have been more successful if my 81 year old grandmother wasn't laughing so hard.

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I envisioned the son being about 20. It makes the FML that much better.


I envisioned the son being about 20. It makes the FML that much better.

Eric Cartman? I was thinking more Bart Simpson.

12 thats hilarious, i pictured that too. on a different note, kids do a lot of weird stuff, especially if they know theyre being talked about. i used to work in a restaurant and some of the things kids do is so funny.

My son is 8. He thinks he is SO funny!

I remember going to a day camp when I was 8. We canoed out to an island for lunch and I dropped my pants and took a shit in front of everyone. At that age you sometimes just don't know whats appropriate and what's not... hell I'm 17 and still figuring it out

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My first impression was he is 5-7yrs old. I was close!

I'm sure the other diners sure his as well.

#43 Before you get downvoted to oblivion, you mind clarifying what your comment meant? I'm pretty sure its a typo, either that or I'm being slow.

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"I'm sure the other diners saw his ass as well" I'm guessing.

Yes Crissy, don't know how I missed that typo.

Kids be kids, someday you'll tell him about this and have a laugh.

Who pulls down his pants and smacks his butt cheeks at restaurants?

She could be OP's daughter. I wouldn't readily admit to being related to the kid in the post either.

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wow really? tell us more about your brother! (insert sarcastic tonw hwre)

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What's better than a free spirit?

A free spirit who doesn't smack his ads in public.

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A child that behaves well and knows that it's not okay to pull his pants down in public, maybe?

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#56 - Before posting your assumptions , you should look at the location , OP is from UK

How about free spirits.. (I prefer rum personally)

At first I was thinking the son is about 19, but by the end I was really hoping the son isnt 19.....

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Go to the stuff there will really make you fear for the future. You see signs of it here too but it isn't as wide spread. Hard to hope for the future when people say here/and there say things like: they don't know how to make toast, smoking weed in public isn't a big deal( and potentially driving) and thinking somehow STD's aren't more common now than they used to be.

No kid ever wants to be well behaved! They want to be fun, cool and interesting. That's why they always do such crazy things

Are you saying well behaved kids aren't fun, cool or interesting? I'll have you know I've never mooned anybody at a restaurant and my mom thinks I'm very cool.

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but think about how cool you could have been if you had? might be some untapped potential.

what?! why?? did he take what the waitress said as an insult?

This sounds like something my toddler would do. I swear, little kids see someone complimenting their behavior as an excuse to totally blow said compliment completely out of the water.