By thanks guys
Today, I’ve been suffering with a fever of 104° as well as an ear and sinus infection. I asked my mom and sister if they could get me meds and fluids from the store. I sent them money through my bank app for the supplies. They took my money and went to lunch instead. I’m still sick as a dog. FML
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By  Sonotsuave  |  33

That’s absolutely absurd. Make them go out and get you your supplies with their own money to even it out or call another friend or relative to get what you need for you and make those two bitches give you your money back. That’s really unfair

By  poesraven1984  |  6

Honestly, who does this?? I mean to anyone, let alone family. I would like to think I wouldn't treat my worst enemy like this, much less a family member. I can't imagine what this would do to my faith in people, growing up in a family that would outright steal from me and neglect me when I needed them. OP, I'm so sorry and you need to know that this isn't normal, nor is it right.

By  really_meow  |  6

That’s truly fucked up. 104 is a very high fever, you might consider getting emergency help if they’re content to let you suffer like that. Not sure how they even could have rationalized it to themselves. That’s exxxxtra dysfunctional... I’m very sorry op and hope you find a new family of people who don’t treat you so poorly soon.