Birthday Boy

By Anonymous - 07/04/2019 16:00

Today, it's my birthday, I received two cards, one from my mum and one from my son, that my mum gave to him to give to me. My entire family said they couldn't be bothered going out for dinner for my birthday. My two 'friends' didn't even send a card, never mind a gift or want to meet up. FML
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At least you’ve got mom.

welcome to adulthood


At least you’ve got mom.

How old are you?

that really is shit. :( I'm so sorry. this is exactly why I'm going away to the coast for my birthday, ALONE. no one ever wants to celebrate my birthday, even though everyone else's is a huge deal throughout the year.

welcome to adulthood

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happy birthday my friend

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My mom is dead. My brother forgot. My sister didn’t like what I picked for dinner so wouldn’t let her kids come and her whole family stayed home. My ex woke me up on my birthday by yelling at me and ditching out plans to go to the beach. So I went to the beach by myself. Had a good ass time. That’s adulthood. Pick yourself up and celebrate your own damn birthday.

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sounds like a pretty normal adult life to me

cards? you're moaning about not getting cards? who sends cards as an adult? did you expect one from gran with $5 in there? shame dude, hang in there, life is a bit tougher than the shit you are going through, so just do your best and not freak out when real problems start rearing their heads