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I guess it's time to do everyone's favorite past-time when they are home alone. Take off your clothes!

The fever is making your delirious. Your family didn't forget you, they ditched you.


that sirecly sucks!

Maybe they were out to get u meds or something and in that case it would be the polar opposite

Or because OP ruined the family vacation by being sick the whole time. Take some vitamin C and stop being such a drag! ;)

so they left u n now u got ur own private country house. Try n have a party, live it up til they remember to get u.

at over 101 op should see a doc

ummm no. op needs advil or Tylenol and the fever will go away. a fever does not usually require a fever

a redundant phrase doesn't usually require a redundant phrase

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But why wouldn't one person stay there to watch him if he's sick? And if op said they left, they probably took all their stuff, proving they left back to their home.

How did you fit your bed in the kitchen?

I meant a fever doesn't usually require a doctor... sorry for the accidental repetiveness and redundacy

OP, why would y'all leave a house for an apartment??????!?!?!11111

Alone in a house... in the dark... free to do whatever you want;)

I agree with 55, have a sexy party.

You sir, are an idiot.

No, they hate her.

I guess it's time to do everyone's favorite past-time when they are home alone. Take off your clothes!

I have the urge to reply with Bruno mars lyrics but I can't remember them...

I thought I was the only one.

"ill just strut in my birthday suit, and let everything hang loose."

that's what they are!!

You mean post about it on FML instead of getting help. XD

"Hell if I'm going to die, I'm going to die wearing the same thing I wore coming in!"

they think your dead

I really can't tell. is this s'posed to be sarcastic and funny?

Maybe they left to get you some remedies & didn't want to wake you? That, or you're walking home

That's horrible! What kind of family forgets their own kid? FYL indeed. I mean, didn't anyone ever wondered if there's someone missing?

Have you seen Home Alone!! They forgot their son twice!! :p

But that's because they are morons!!

I hate it when people say indeed

I agree. If you really loved your son as much as you said the first time he got left behind, why would you leave again. But, I love the rest of the movie.

just like the movie home alone!!

It's bad enough they left you sleeping but ahilé you were sick too!

Maybe you wished your family away, know your Home Alone.

good thing you aren't dead!

Gee, whatta family?

Throw a huge party and just trash the place. then when they're asleep get a bunch of your friends together and try to move each one of their beds outside where you shower them in skunk juice