By Lonely Gay - 22/02/2012 09:37 - United States

Today, a first date with a guy went so badly that he actually paid me to never call him again. FML
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Look on the bright side, you can make a business out of this!

How much? Either way free money is free money! Just keep trying!


Look on the bright side, you can make a business out of this!

You deserve better OP

Don't take it personal OP, you'll find someone who deserves you. (:

Just know that if you ask me out that I don't pay with money. If you know what I mean.

YDI for being gay OP

YDI for being what you are

40. You do understand OP is a homosexual male...right?

#78 you do understand that the OP's sexual orientation has nothing to do with 40's comment, right? It's a joke, the OP being homosexual doesn't matter.

83. I really don't think you're correct. I believe he thought OP was a female. We can settle this 1v1 CoD to determine who is correct.

bamagrl410 31

Who cares what OP's orientation is? It was just a joke...

I don't think anyone cares he is gay. They shouldn't. Go gators!

#78 your comment does not make sense, women are not the only gender who can substitute paying for a date with sex. 2) I think OP is homosexual, I've come to this conclusion because OP has specified its gender as male, and has name its self Lonely Gay, although it is possible that OP gave the wrong answer for the gender option. " by Lonely Gay (man) " #83 was spot on. #95 I think OP is a male as mentioned above, and because OP have specified their gender as male.

105- Your pic seems like kinky masturbation gone wrong.

111. Bare with me. We know OP enjoys dick, there is no doubt to that. The guy who made the joke about paying with sexual favor instead of money, was indeed making a joke. I believe he made that joke with the intention that the OP was a female. So here's where I'm going with this. When he posted that joke, he was being sexual, towards what he thought was a female. I don't think he would have made that joke unless he himself is also gay or knew the OP was a male. The writing is on the wall, literally. My first post does make sense. Read the OP. Read his. Then read mine. It might click second time around. And I don't have anything against gays. My buddy from high school came out, and he is still my buddy.

113. It was an epic fail

Femeonce Shameonu - I'm highly curious as to why you would point this out in the first place. Do you have a particular obsession with correcting people's misperceptions? I agree that your interpretation of melchibr's comment is the most likely, although only they could say for sure. However, why did you think this worth pointing out? If you have any perception of the world, which it seems you do, you should have realized it would cause an uproar. Mainly, if melchibr's comment was a joke, as you say, they likely don't care whether OP is a homosexual male or not. Why do you?

*Fmeonce Shameonu. Do not take offense to my misspelling of your name; I couldn't edit it in time.

I dont take offense to typos. No worries. I was just pointing it out to him. Lets use a real world situation. Say two guys are at a bar. One guy starts hitting it off with a girl. The other guy puts together that the the girl his buddy is hitting on, is actually a transvestite, post-op of course. It is his friends duty at that time to save his friend from doing something he maybe didn't want to actually do, knowing in reality the chick was once a guy ( I would hope my friend would save me in this situation at least, majority of guys would). I know it's not an identical situation, but the reference is there. I was just saying to this guy who made the joke, that he his hitting on a tranny (or gay guy in this instance) and didn't know it. I was just being the friend at the bar.

#114 if you're talking to someone in a public forum then it'll help if you could type in their comment number like I do or their username. Otherwise people will assume you're making an individual comment by commenting on #1 to get your comment noticed.

####137**** sorry broseph. Didn't know there were rules. Don't think anyone was confused though. Thank you for your genuine concern. Rest easy tonight mi amigo.

#140 I think I love you

I'm genuinely flattered. Thank you for the first compliment I've ever gotten on here :) A lot of these people heavily dislike me lol

I'd 1v1 MW3 & win so bad it wouldn't even be funny. & Who care's wbat OP is.

WOW, that's a first. This should be in the running for FML of the year!

Forever A Loan. ;(...

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Don't think it got that far.

How much? Either way free money is free money! Just keep trying!

It wasn't free money. She had to suffer through one of the worst dates ever to get payment.

He* ..and you don't know that it wasn't partially OP's fault.

Well, I was assuming that if someone you were dating was having a shitty time, that you yourself wouldn't enjoy the date. You've got a point though.

Suffering through a bad date is no fun, but at least she got paid. Could have been a lot worse. Better luck next time, OP.

HE* it was two guys.

Or the sex distinction in the upper right corner, many FMLs have it.

Ok, damn, don't feed me to the wolves, I'm sorry, I didn't read the user name. Ok, that makes the FML a little bit worse, still, better luck next time, OP. Everyone else please excuse me for my erroneous ways.

#118 just read your profile, I'm a whore too! Now watch the judgmental comments roll in

I'm a whore..?

At least you got a free dinner.

And spending money!

Who says it was a free dinner?

What's so bad? Free money! How much did he give you?

69 dollars??

Oh, DrMime your humor gets me every time *sighs*

try e-harmony

Fuck e-harmony come to Chicago Op..I'll take you to Boys Town

Even if you're not gay, Boystown is great for people watching. I have a hard time keeping my eyes on the road when I pass through there, because there's always something interesting happening in my peripherals.

OP needs to visit Bankok, with a drug dealing friend ;)

That costs money while OP is making it. Stick to the original plan

Don't stress, there's plenty of fish in the sea :) this one was clearly not worth it!!

No there's not, BP killed them all

It was worth it, she got paid.

The OP is a guy

As long as you don't feed the fish mashed potatoes!!

Did you keep the money I wouldve felt so awkward

might as well...

Ehh, at least you know he's not the one for you AND you got some money. I say win win situation.

I imagine if it went that badly then you wouldn't have called him again, anyway. I'm sure it wasn't all you.

It was obviously all her fault...