By tandc - United States
Today, in a rush to squeeze out of a particularly tight parking spot, I made a hurried 12-point turn. Just to make sure I had enough room behind, I hopped out of my car. It was still in reverse. I managed to wreck my own car without even sitting in it. FML
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  capper44  |  18

Ummm its impossible that OP's car moved it self while in reverse gear... Coz as long as OP releases clutch and no race. Car comes to a dead end lol.... Even if its automatic, still he cannot get out of car without key, if car aint in parking mode, u cannot get the keys out OP.... So think again lol

  TorturedXeno  |  27

OP's family members won't let him live this one down, I bet.

  rattusrattus  |  18

@13 Apart from to the people you're stereotyping, sure, no harm done! I mean, the people you're stereotyping don't matter!

I was wondering how long it took for a tosser to make a crack about women drivers. 5 comments in. Ugh.

  rattusrattus  |  18

1. 'Women are bad drivers' is a negative stereotype. It's saying that women are not safe to be on the road, and that women should not be driving. Driving is one of the main forms of transport in the modern world. It effectively says that "women cannot be trusted with freedom of movement".

2. All stereotypes, positive or negative, are harmful. "Black people are athletic" is a positive stereotype - in that it features a trait that has societal approval - but it ignores that black people are individuals with varying level of athletic ability. "Women are caring and nurturing" is a positive stereotype, but it ignores that women are individuals who may or may not be caring and nurturing. Stereotypes ignore the person in favour of a collection of traits which have very little to do with that person as an individual.

3. Because of the above, yes, you *are* a tosser. Thank you.

  SkoomaKi  |  27

Look at my comments, I did not say "woman are bad drivers". I said they "normally fail". So I am implying that they do and don't fail all the time. Yes it is slightly mean, but that's the point of a stereotype. You have to understand its a joke and that you are raging for no reason. You have even resorted to calling me a name, which of course is just stupid.

  rattusrattus  |  18

"Normally" generally means "happens most of the time, with rare exceptions". For example: "The sun normally rises in the morning." "In the UK, people normally take their GCSEs in year 11." "Normally, bookstores put Lord of the Rings in the Fantasy section." I may not have directly quoted you, but "normally, women fail at driving" and "women are bad drivers" are saying essentially the same thing.

And yes, calling you and other people who espouse stereotypes 'tossers' was childish. On the other hand, you are a person who sees nothing wrong with being 'slightly mean'...

(Also: here's a hint - jokes are funny.)

  Jaxx66  |  21

Actually statistically women do get into more wrecks, but we get into more wrecks at lower speeds and do less damage. Hence why men's insurance is higher, when they wreck it's usually a total mess. Ask your insurance company for the numbers if you want.

  ma77  |  9

Rattus, think you need to chill out a touch. Skoomaki's comment was sarcasm. I laughed at it, because obviously no harm was meant. But to call them a tosser is over the top. But I'm wasting time here, because you won't listen. You'll start another long winded comment I couldn't be assed reading. So feel free to call me names too if you need champ, I'll be busy not caring!

  DespairFaction  |  11

I thought it was funny.
Just saying my mom has had like 15 accidents. Aside from that she has backed into things with other peoples car numerous times and is just a terrible driver in general.

  Nicole Tripp  |  6

As someone who is a woman who works in the motortrade selling vehicles.

The cars we take in from women are usually in far better conditions than the ones the blokes drive.

  Awsumuzzie  |  12

Well another crazy and untrue stereotype is that Asians can't drive either. Also the same goes about elderly drivers. except I feel that stereotype may be a little true.

  Krirn  |  21

Since OP was trying to get out, I'm guessing he was blocked in, cause I don't know many people trying to squeeze into a tight parking space beforehand, but I wouldn't judge a vote on that, I'd vote on the fact he left his Gear in Reverse.