By weirdfridgelady
Today, after a long shift at work, I got home feeling sick and nauseous. I went to remove the tampon I'd had in all day and go to bed, but I literally uncorked myself. There was blood everywhere... on the floor, all over my legs, even on the walls. Everywhere I look, I find more. FML
weirdfridgelady tells us more :
Thanks for support and backup. Because I am aware of the risks of TSS but I just simply didn’t have time to change my tampon, and yes I had a pad also. Also the first time it’s happened to me, so just a bad and very messy day, I’m usually much more hygienic with those sorts of things.
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By  arandomperson97  |  18

It worries me to read so many stories from gals out there who don’t know what Toxic Shock Syndrome is and either fall super ill or die from it. Please do go to the hospital if the pain keeps up.

  wolfygirl626  |  8

there might have been a blood clot or (and sorry for being nasty, but theres no other way to put it) a large chunk of uterus lining blocking the blood from getting to the end of the tampon. not usual, but can happen. it sucks lol

  Suaria  |  37

I think the person meant that you don't have to change pads as often as tampons.

  Razell  |  13

<i>you don't have to change pads as often as tampons.</i>

In what universe? Just from a flow-control perspective, pads have to be changed much more often than tampons, especially on a heavy-flow day. and there's much less chance of catastrophic over-flow with a tampon.

  wolfygirl626  |  8

might not have been able to get to the bathroom to change it. almost wet myself a few times when i worked at walmart and cashiered at one of the local grocery stores cause it was simply too busy for me to go