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That is so unfair. Your brother shouldn't have done that. Anyway, use I hope you used the opportunity to your advantage. Goodluck Op.



well, in murica, this is joke, mate

I hate that word " Murica"

No one gives a shit, about what you like

That is so unfair. Your brother shouldn't have done that. Anyway, use I hope you used the opportunity to your advantage. Goodluck Op.

That's a super common joke to make though. And my sister makes bi jokes about all the time but my dad (who doesn't know) assumes she's being annoying. We also make the same jokes about my brother (with his girlfriend).

literally everyone in my family and circle have made some sort of gay joke about me, the best way to curve a joke is to jokingly go along with it. usually I Just wink at them though. (then again I do go both sides so it doesn't effect me anyways)

Honestly, I'd reply with " We all know that " and then wink. My family makes gay jokes all of the time, and it's easy to go along with.

Well guess you don't have to worry about when you want to come out anymore.

Your brother is an ass hole

#4 True but OP could have played it off like they were poking fun at eachother.

Could have just been an accident. OP might have come out to just her brother or something years ago and it slipped

I agree with 22. This is a very common joke and op could've just played it off as if the brother was just joking around. There's also a possibility your brother meant it as a joke forgetting that you're gay and the implications/repercussions of saying it. If he said it on purpose to be mean, than that's a different story and you should talk to him about it, but I imagine he was joking around and did it by accident.

Everyone who is saying the brother is a jerk... Maybe he isn't, sounds like he was just giving his brother a hard time like brothers do.

ThatOneChick856 36

I would agree with you if OP was out to everyone in the car, because it's just poking fun it sounds like which is okay for the most part. But as someone who is LGBT, it absolutely is 100% a jerk move to out someone, I don't care if they were doing it jokingly or not. Considering OP had come out to their brother and not their mother, I'm assuming there is good reason they haven't said something yet. Outing someone who isn't ready can be a traumatizing experience for MULTIPLE reasons; and before someone tries to come at me with "well the OP posted the story so they must be okay"... just fucking don't, okay?

ThatOneChick856 36

And before I get attacked, I just want to clarify that I'm not attacking you in any way. I just want to make it abundantly clear to non-LGBT people just /how/ important is to NEVER out someone, no matter what your reasoning is because it's a sore topic for me. No hard feelings. :)

The LGBT community is a corrupt bunch of fuckmunchs.

That one chick, what freaky is saying is that's just something some brothers say. Regardless of whether the OP is gay or not. Brothers will call each other names, gay being one of them. Now you can argue that societally we should move past that, but we haven't, and if the OP would've joked back or laughed it off it wouldn't be outing him.

For me, at least, it wasn't that easy when I wasn't out. My brother would make jokes like that, and it would make me freeze like a deer in headlights. My body got cold and my breathing stopped. People typically aren't out because of fear, coming close to that can make people freeze up in fear and stop them from brushing it off smoothly to avoid suspicion.

I love it how people say "non-LGBT" like straight people are the ones that aren't normal.

They definitely aren't.

ThatOneChick856 36

I'm not saying that the joke is the problem. I'm saying that it's a very sensitive topic for people who aren't in this sort of position and that's why it's an issue for people caught in this very predicament. And #73- how the hell does that imply that straight people aren't "normal"? It's literally just a way to say "this exclusive group of people vs these multiple groups that are under one umbrella term" because straight/cis people aren't included under that umbrella. And LGBT aren't "the ones that aren't normal", like you're so kindly suggesting by your wording.

But it's a common joke to say to straight people as well. He could have just went along with it like it was purely a joke.

Maybe your mother just took it as banter.

Thank you! Wouldn't everyone's first thought be that it's a dumb joke? I'm betting she probably only took it seriously if OP freaked out or otherwise reacted weirdly. Still, that sucks for OP though.

What I'm not the only one that calls my younger sibling gay when they are not? This is huge news to me.

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Please tell me this was not your attempt at a car pun. please :)

It was. I'm sorry.

You have to be car(e)ful around here. These people dont understand humour.

#42 had an even worse pun... so dont feel bad

He took care of that for you. He definitely owes you for it though!

I'm sure your mom didn't take that as you coming out?

amileah13 26

What an awful way to come out, being forced into it. I'm sorry that it was under your conditions op :/

OMG ik op is in such a bad position because of their brother making a joke

amileah13 26

Ahhhh sorry guys autocorrect changed my wasn't to was! It was supposed to be wasn't under his conditions and I didn't check it after submitting it my bad!