By John - 22/08/2009 05:05 - United States

Today, I took my 15 year old daughter driving. I yelled at her for not going safely around corners. On the way home, while demonstrating how to drive right, I went around a corner and hit a cement truck. FML
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I feel sorry for your daughter having such a shit teacher.

You really shouldn't criticize someone, especially your daughter, when the same thing could potentially happen to you. YDI


I couldn't take driving lessons with my dad either; he was so likely to yell alarmingly that I didn't feel safe. You'll be much more effective if you just say your criticism. Were you still yelling when you hit the truck? Because, obviously, it's that distracting to a driver.

I'm taking driving lessons too, but you just CANNOT yell to your kid ok? It sucks. I'm now taking 1000$ lessons because my mom yelled at me once.

i know it sucks, but sensitive much? she yelled at you once so you're dishing out 1 grand for an instructor?

Honestly this is understandable. My father yelled at me for five minutes when I made a mistake, it wasn't a big one either. So I stopped driving with him and only with my mother (who never yelled) and I am a great driver. Yelling just makes things worse.

You should have pretended you meant to do that and told your daughter, "And that is NOT the way to drive safely!" Pay the money to have the pros teach your kids to drive! I learned to drive an automatic at school, but my late dad tried to teach me to drive a stick shift about a year later. I still have the mental scars nearly thirty years later. This is one area where "shut up and pay" is the best advice.

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You shouldn't yell at any one who is driving. Getting mad or nerves will just make you drive worse. :)

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I'm thinking that this is such a huge opportunity for you to look at things in a different way... how you respond to stress, your family, etc...nothing is worth getting that upset about!

the NUMBER ONE thing you must do when driving ( and by extention, teaching someone to drive), is to STAY CALM. yelling causes both of you to tense up. I feel sorry for your beautiful daughter. if you are too much of a bitch to teach her, please, for her sake, have a professional do it.

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I am learning how to drive and I know that when someone yells at me , it just makes me nervous and I lose my concentration . You just need to be cool , calm , and collected . If you don't have money for an instructor , just keep going with the lessons but just have more patience . If someone else with more patience has to teach her then that can also be a solution .

Nice. I soooooooo wish this had happened to my Dad. Humility in action baby

Gee, what a wonderful opportunity to apologize for being such an asshole. Yelling at someone only makes it worse and more difficult for them. I think God was teaching you a lesson, and letting you know that things like that can happen to ANYONE. Having someone yell at you when you are trying to do the best you can at something you've never done before is beyond stressfull. That's what you get for being anal and self righteous. Now, go beg forgiveness and promise not to do it again.