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Today, I told my friend I'm going vegetarian. He's now calling me "Reek" after the guy from Game of Thrones, because I'm apparently a "dickless loser" now. FML
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I believe that his friend was making a reference to the show. Don't know for sure though, I don't watch GOT.

Oh, a guy who eats meat? Be still, my ******. Note for heavy sarcasm.

Steph, I'm pretty sure Welshy was mocking the friend's conflation of masculinity/virility with meat-eating and not actually bragging about… eating… meat.

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So you like to eat other sausages? To each their own, buddy.

#15 High five for your awesome name.

If you were carnivorous you would literally die, you need plants to survive, but you do not need meat whatsoever.

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I've noticed people incessantly complaining about the very existence of vegans/vegetarians even when the very slightest opportunity to do some comes up has LONG ago outstripped any annoyance any vegans/vegetarians ever posed. Case in point here, and no doubt more to come.

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On the one hand, annoying vegans/vegetarians definitely excel at being annoying pricks. On the other hand, you're a ******** for judging OP based on stereotypes of other people, and not on anything that you know he's actually done.

On twitch, there's a cooking stream called "The Vegan Corner". I'm not even vegan/vegetarian but I can tell it's delicious, because I don't get my knickers in a twist at the mere mention of a vegan. There was a super cool looking homemade nacho chips (crisps here in England) and salsa dip, and people were saying "I wouldn't even feed my dog this" Jumpcut to the next few episodes, a guy was cooking stuffing inside of a pigs bladder, looked gross yet everyone were trying to defend it, saying it isn't that bad. People just get so easily upset over vegans because they heard a single story about them and thus, according to the ever wise logic of people, all vegans must be bad.

Op definitely doesn't deserve this but as someone who has been attacked by many vegans/vegetarians- there's more than just a few. Just like there's a lot of non vegan/vegetarians that are dicks like that. Honestly it just makes me very cautious around people that are vegan or vegetarian until I know them better. Op doesn't seem to be the douche from the info given, so why assume he is?

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In the vegan community, there really is a lot of negativity and judgement towards non-vegans, but vegetarians are (for the most) part more... friendly than vegans. I've seen more people being ass hats to vegans/vegetarians than vice versa, though, like #6 said. It's quite stupid of you to generalize all of them as bad.

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Personally I am not vegetarian but know a few and they tend to get more abuse from people who eat meat than the reverse. They are of the opinion there is no point pontificating as it is a choice (although there are some who are nutty as a nutloaf) but they get quite a few insults for their choice when people find out. It is definitely not just vegetarians who can be abusive.

I feel like this is a bit of a generalization. I am a vegetarian (going vegan), and I have never once commented on anyone's eating habits. I have, however, had many people tell me that I'm a hippie, that I need protein, that I probably don't shave, that I'm probably not hygienic, and that I probably only eat salads. I understand that not every single person who eats meat is like that and I think it's time you understand that not every vegetarian/vegan will do extreme shit like throw blood at you .

As a vegan I can tell you that I have to endure a lot more shit for me being vegan, than my surroundings have to endure me giving them shit.

I am vegan, and i literally get so many non vegans convincing me to stop being vegan or literally shouting shit at me, my biology class when they found out i was vegan, everyone started telling me to eat meat and that i was attention seeking and that i was going to die from malnutrition and many non vegans shove meat in my face when they are eating it. Honestly i will only talk to someone about veganism if they bring it up and try to tell me i am wrong for doing it, or try to tell me some false, misinformed facts about why i shouldnt be vegan, in which i will correct them.

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I think there is something a lot of you aren't understanding here. You wouldn't get shit for being Vegan, if you didn't tell everyone you're Vegan. I don't announce my eating habits to everyone, therefor nobody judges me for them.

You'll learn to deal with those kind of comments. Welcome to the green side!

If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding.

"I found out that I am allergic to people who are lactose intolerant. It's a bizarre condition. I am lactose intolerant intolerant. I just can't tolerate those people, always farting and complaining." Bill Bailey. Unless you are making a political statement on cruelty to animal,s why can't vegans (or for that matter phoney ciliac disease, lactose intollerant, etc) people just keep it to themselves? I have to agree with your friends...your outie just became an innie.

Phoney celiac and lactose intolerance, are serious? Those aren't phoney conditions, they're very real and pretty serious, with one you don't produce enough of the lactase enzyme, and the other your body physically destroys and attacks itself every time you eat any type of wheat/gluten product. Eventually both can cause organ damage, and celiac disease can give you seizures, and internal bleeding. Veganism is a choice, lactose intolerance and celiac disease is not, don't even compare the two.

If this were a stranger or casual acquaintance he was talking to I would agree with you, but this was a friend. Why wouldn't you discuss a life-changing choice you made with a friend? They would no doubt know if you suddenly stop eating meat anyway. In fact, this is something that your friends definitely should know about since it affects them too (if they're ordering/preparing food they should know to have some vegetarian dishes, etc). That is what a good friend would do, anyway.

So... do you just not update your friends on what's going on in your life, or are you a hypocrite? It's one or the other.

21, I'm not agreeing with 12 in anyway on their views because 12 sounds a bit like a douche, but I know people who pretend they have intolerances to different foods because they think it's a healthier way to eat. So because they don't want to sound like picky eaters, they just claim an intolerance or allergy. It sucks for the people that do have an actual allergy/intolerance, because a lot of them get looped in with the fakers as annoying.

#53 I will agree with you there. There are some people who cut out certain foods because they think it's healthy and then they claim to have a disorder. However, to write off the whole thing, and call it fake, because of a few annoying idiots, that isn't fair to the people who actually have these conditions. Dealing with them can be hard enough sometimes, people criticizing and acting like they have the knowledge of a doctor is just aggravating and makes things more stressful.

Just don't be a vegetarian and this won't happen

I really don't care if others are vegan or not - But I despise when they get all smug and condescending about their choice. Live your life, don't inflict your views on your friends and all will be OK.

That has nothing to do with this FML. That's like responding to an FML about a guy coming out to his friend who then throws homophobic insults at him with, "Some gay guys are flaming dickweeds, just don't be a flaming dickweed and you'll be fine." You're missing the point of the FML entirely to take a stab at vegetarians.

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exactly! Especially when they put on all their social media bios that they're vegan, like ok and? are you special or do you need to be rewarded? are you superior now?

So. We have people rushing in to smugly declare their superiority over those smug, superior vegetarians, and to rant and preach about how rant-y and preachy they are. As for the vegetarians? In the comments here thus far, they haven't made a single peep. If anyone thus far has been one, they haven't even mentioned it. Which group, exactly, was supposed to be the obnoxious one again?

OK, only as the lack has been mentioned, I'll out myself as vagitarian. That's like vegetarian, except that I love a fish supper.

35, when they put it on their bio, i think lots of them just want other vegans to talk to them, as they share a common interest- i see it as putting that you like football or swimming in your bio. I have put that i am vegan in some of my social network bios, and ive made a lot of friends from other vegans talking to me, as i find it had to talk to people in person due to social anxiety issues.

I have half a dozen vegetarian friends and they don't at all act "sanctimonious" and proud, stop bullshitting. I doubt any of you actually know real vegetarians/vegans, you only hear a single story on reddit social media then assume that's the norm. Morons.

As someone who's been a vegetarian for 16 years, Thank you for this comment