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Sounds repulsive.

I'll never understand an organism's need to eliminate waste so frequently. It seems like a horrible flaw in design; eliminate waste just to generate more to eliminate wast again very soon? That's analogous to the futility of anything else one undertakes in this great misery known as existence.

Life. Don't talk to me about life.

  Angi95  |  3

Hey can you tell me where the bathroom is I need to drop off some timber.Shelly: Maybe you need to be more mysterious. Hey do you know where the bathroom is I need to do something mysterious in there. Drop off some timber. I really hope somebody gets the house bunny reference.

  Lukee  |  0

No he means her boyfriend speaks to her in this case about disposal of waste in the same voice he tells his cat to, I imagine in a high pitched silly voice, creepy.