By peepee. - 30/09/2010 03:17 - United States

Today, I told my boyfriend I had to go to the bathroom. He said, "Okay baby, go drop your load." He also used the same voice as when he talks to his cat. FML
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This is obviously fake. Girls don't poop.


YDI for looking like a cat, smelling like a cat, eating cat food, and for covering your poop after you relieve yourself.


MissGrinch 4

I know. ;)

invite me over...3 some... very nice high five!

Marvin_Android 0

Sounds repulsive. I'll never understand an organism's need to eliminate waste so frequently. It seems like a horrible flaw in design; eliminate waste just to generate more to eliminate wast again very soon? That's analogous to the futility of anything else one undertakes in this great misery known as existence. Life. Don't talk to me about life.

WretchedMan 0

This is stupid. it's not an FML or funny.

MissGrinch 4

Thanks a lot, Marvin. I'm very sensitive about my litter box. >:(

FYLDeep 25

Why the hell would a robot feel the need to threadjack? If that's what it's come to, then that seems like a horrible flaw in design.

garrettjordan 0

not really an FML :/

Shookitup 0

Dropping the browns off at the super bowl?? :)

I love you, Marvin.

jaderrrx3 0

I bet it was a very heavy load. ;)

sheribb 5

I love your hair !!

yes 72 my hair is nice. thank you.

ianbennett123 0

uhhh marvin....... WTF? I didn't understand a word you said.

I agree with Pendatik. 102 is an idiot. I wonder how many times he read it to attempt to understand it.

Mars_Bars_Big_Na 0

maybe because people have one voice?

Angi95 3

Hey can you tell me where the bathroom is I need to drop off some timber.Shelly: Maybe you need to be more mysterious. Hey do you know where the bathroom is I need to do something mysterious in there. Drop off some timber. I really hope somebody gets the house bunny reference.

kirstensmook 0

so? your talking about going to the bathroom..

No he means her boyfriend speaks to her in this case about disposal of waste in the same voice he tells his cat to, I imagine in a high pitched silly voice, creepy.

mona_is_here 10

Her talking about going to the bathroom what?

Yeah I fail to see a problem here

Talking to her like she is a pet*

how is that a fml?

don't know what u said but I agree cuz your so hot.

MissGrinch 4

Yo, this is not myspace. GTFO. -hiss-

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Cat fight.

I didn't say anything wrong except question it being worthy of a fml, and they moderated me? apparently I was offensive.


glambert1998 0

47 would be perfect in a cat fight

So would you

My wife actually loves when I do that to her, to each his own I guess...

fyourlife1990 0


Your wife likes it when you tell her to take a dump?

ramboman19 8

lmfao that's hilarious!!

This is obviously fake. Girls don't poop.

exactly !

that's what I keep saying!!

not really worth it to be put on fmylife, imo. lol.

batgirl_babygirl 0

and your point is....??

FirstBornUnicorn 0

Well she does look like she is on crack.

nice unibrow

^^ lmfao

ur ugly! #9 lol


YDI for looking like a cat, smelling like a cat, eating cat food, and for covering your poop after you relieve yourself.

isnt that how everyone else does it?

schwancy 2

Everybody poops.

knibbsy 4

Nuh uh!

want to 3 some?

no ! girls dont poop!

Whenever I read the phrase "Everybody poops," I imagine it being sung to the tune of REM's "Everybody Hurts." "So hold on... hold on..."

LezBiHonest 7

Not, everybody knows that!

But i read on the Internet that girls don't poop, and the Internet never lies....right?