By NoHamForMeThanks - 09/03/2015 02:36 - United States - Oak Ridge

Today, I was told that I need to learn to "let things go" by a woman who held a four-month grudge over a ham sandwich. FML
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niiiiick3 15

That, ladies and gentlemen, is called a hypocrite.


My guess is someone stole the ham sandwich from the fridge at work from her. If it's true, that's the epitome of douchebag.

Just imagine. The perfect sandwich. The ultimate lunch. Crusts cut and everything. I'd be pissed too.

That woman is secretly Ross Geller.

#36 there is no reason to hold a fricken 4 month grudge over a sandwich.

Yes there is 36. Ham deprivation is a serious issue.

paravoz 30

Sorry to hear that OP, but to be honest I would hold a grudge over a Sandwhich too.

How does this have negative votes???? Sandwiches are seriously important, people.

niiiiick3 15

That, ladies and gentlemen, is called a hypocrite.

21 I imagine you going "sandwich" and then "Hisppcrtr" whilst drooling and having a stroke

I mean, a ham sandwich does sound really good right about now..

I'd love to hear the story behind this

As long as she didn't sing it, I think things will be okay.

AlittleSanity 11

Sounds like she learned her lesson

You are a man so you are wrong. . Such is life

Epickitty58 29

I think this is the first FML I've ever seen where nobody said ydi

Depends where the sammich was from. we need details on the back story haha