By Dandy
Today, after having given up video games for two weeks to focus on school, I finished my last exam of the semester and finally became free. I got home to find that Steam is down worldwide. I just received an email saying every game on my wish list is on sale, but I can't log in. FML
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  jasonrellet  |  22

You're 21... what do you mean "when I was a kid" I use Steam and I'm 23, my cousin uses Steam... hes 37...
I wouldn't call this an FML but you're acting like you're better than this person. You're probably only a few years older than him

By  Sady_Ct  |  37

I am in Australia and I have had no issues with steam all day.

By  Cali  |  54

If you look at the time stamp you'll see that OP submitted this much earlier in the day. We all know Steam is back now. Un-rustle those jimmies.