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Today, at the office, my most annoying client asked me to send her a document. I have now sent it to her over 5 times, in a different format each time, and every single time she replies with, "Not in the requested format". She won't tell me what the requested format is. FML
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  Pleonasm  |  34

Chill a bit. No need to be that mean.
It's not just you though, I say this because I see it a lot; people getting toung lashings for not much at all.
FML is a pretty aggressive, petty and mean-spirited place sometimes... it doesn't give a lot of desire to try to get amical with anyone around.
Yea so some people deserve it, but no reason to hop to verbally bitch-slapping anyone and everyone around when the oppurtunity presents itself.
Wish people could be more reasonable and kind.

  friedpwnadge  |  25

If she won't tell you the requested format yet demands it, tell her you will send we the requested format as soon as she tells you what it was if she really wants it.

  BradTheBrony  |  19

Okay this is just amazing what's going on here with the numbers and the counting and the razzle-frazzle bippity bop!
I think I went Bill Cosby for a second.
I'm okay now, guys, it's fine.

  niallo  |  23

I think you are right. Send her a message that as she is unable to tell you what format she wants, you are unable to comply with her request. As soon as she is able to let you know what the required format is, you will be happy to send her the requested file. Word that nice and polite, cc it to your manager. You are done. Every time she sends you the request, send her a form of this reply until she does.

  jdimaria3  |  13

Well, considering the author explicitly states "she won't tell me what the requested format is", I don't think asking would work.

  MGITSWFTC  |  17

Loosely speaking, that phrasing could mean that OP expected her to have told OP but she didn't, and it sounds a lot less lazy than saying "she still hasn't told me which format to use."

I highly doubt that the lady, when asked "which format do you want?" would just tell OP to fuck off. She's "annoying", not psychotic.