Today, a homeless guy asked me for a cigarette. Knowing that I only had a couple left in my pack, I gave it to him. He opened it, took one out and thanked me profusely. A bit surprised, I went on my way. Oh yes, that's right, the pack contained the money I'd withdrawn from an ATM. FML
By cAtaLanbLoOd / Thursday 24 October 2013 06:06 / France
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  caohm  |  18

at least it went to someone who needed it but that's the weirdest place I've seen people put money ..................well the weirdest place I've seen any normal people put their money

  wowthatsucks5  |  8

#126 You're a dumbass. Not every homeless person is a druggie or an alcoholic. Some people just run into bad situations and aren't able to support themselves. What if this mans house burnt down? Or he lost his job and, because of the bad economy, has yet to find another? More importantly you shouldn't generalize the entire homeless population as druggies because of the small percent that may be. Would it be accurate for me to say that "oh wow as soon as that guy gets paid he's going to buy drugs" about ANY working person? Because, you know, there are working class people that do drugs. But no, of course it's not right for me to say that. So stop generalizing and maybe stop and talk to a homeless person one day, hear their story. It'll make you a better person.

By  Makayla18_18  |  13

You didn't inform him of the mistake? I'm sure he'd understand.

  alycion  |  38

Actually, the homeless I give to on a regular basis are pretty nice. Gave a guy a 10 instead of a 5 by mistake. He was fine swapping it back. The next time I gave him something, I added a bit extra for the understanding for the mix up the week I was running short. Of course, I've always been a sucker and most if them know me from tossing a few bucks or a meal their way. I've went through rough times myself, and through luck and family support I did not end up in their position. When I first got sick I could have lost everything without luck and an understanding family. So I pay it forward when I can.

  kaitlynjane  |  28

#118 you are awesome for doing that. I always try to help people out when I can, especially those who really need it.
I think that's awesome of you to relate to them for the fact that you've been through hard times as well, so you do what you can to help them.
I honestly wish more people thought similarly to that.