By FMlovelife - 28/06/2012 15:28 - United States

Today, I stumbled across my ex's blog. Apparently, while dating me, he realized he was gay. Good to know the one guy I've dated, lost my virginity to, and fell in love with, was never truly attracted to me and was dating me just to be sure. FML
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every1luvsboners 11

But a strap-on, grow a mustache and change your name to Harry. Then y'all will have a great time.

reallytho3 11

Don't be a girl named Harry, get DirectTV.


Crowcaller 5

You'll be fine. Things like this happen. Just look at the rest of the app

So about the same odds that you will realize you are using that meme wrong #30

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stormer461 13

55 - his profile picture. (sorry for double post can't edit on Android)

nuhuh 1

The odds of him being gay and doing that or the odds of stumbling over his blog, that's the one that is getting me... It's not usually a good idea looking for an ex online. *adds "you might find out they're gay" to the "reasons why not to" list*

1,3,5,7,9 but those are the only ones through 10 that are a lot more

icrest80 4

OP says "stumbled across my ex's blog" like she was down playing stalking him. Then again anyone can see his blog, then AGAIN anyone can see a fb page also

The odds were not in OP's favor it seems...

There's always other guys, don't worry (:

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Easier said than done... That was Op's first everything, and that's difficult to get over. And him being gay doesn't make it any easier; besides the part about the blog, the same thing happened to me a few months ago. It's awkward to even think about.

At least he didn't have a one night stand with your best friend. Not sure that thoughts gonna make you feel better tho...

It always sucks losing your firsts to someone that does not like you ^^" Happened to me too on Thursday :P But being gay or not is kind of irrelevant, it's the feelings and how things got handled that counts :P

mylifesucks_fml 1

People- yes there's other guys but she can't just go get another virginity. so I'd be POed if I was OP

Much like high school, once you're out in the real world for a few years you come to realise that who, where and how you lose your virginity really doesn't matter much. Once it's over it's over, and most times you won't end up with that person anyway. It's just your first time, did you enjoy it when it happened? Yes? Then move on.

every1luvsboners 11

But a strap-on, grow a mustache and change your name to Harry. Then y'all will have a great time.

reallytho3 11

Don't be a girl named Harry, get DirectTV.

Hmm a person named Harry, mustache, and a constant raging boner. Sounds like a interesting fellow.

I think boners may have finally described himself

Octain 13

Wow umm... Ouch O_o" Honestly don't know what to say for this one XD Sorry! :(

Dallasluver19 14

Mooish- and your talking ?? Read your profile bio.

KiddNYC1O 20

86- You just can't go running into brick walls like that.

romansilver 0

Oh my god I know you you used to go to hsa right???

Well, I just hope your dad has a double barrel shotgun in the basement somewhere...

hockeyoceancity 13

Explain what you mean by that? I can take that so many different ways.

baddawg365 0

Why? Because he's gay... Because he broke up with her? There is really no need for that

This seems like a stupid idea. Lots of people are gay and there's nothing wrong with that. Lots of people break up because that's the way life works until you meet that special person. but a double barrel shotgun isn't needed.

I never said anything about him being gay. A guy should never, just date a girl, or take her virginity, to be sure.

hockeyoceancity 13

58- He was not SURE if he was gay so maybe when they had sex first he thought he was straight.

Just drop it. Okay? I'm done discussing this. I made my point and you people chose not to accept it. Let me put it in simple terms. I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK. Simple enough.

If you don't care, why comment? Why even respond in the first place? You should have just said your comment was meant to be a joke, people might have believed that, but you just had to go and argue a stupid point. Anyway, for those who follow your nonsensical bullshit, it says "while dating me, he realized he was gay". This means it wasn't until he engaged in the relationship that he found this out - which doesn't suggest he knew it and was just verifying it for himself. If you think coming to terms with who you are is a matter of waking up one day going "oh, I think I'm gay" then thinking you better **** someone just to be sure, then you're stupider than you already sound.

I don't think many people have heard of things such as a "shotgun wedding". Meaning, some guy took the virginity of a girl, got her pregnant, and now he has to marry her or "daddy will get his shotgun" and go get the guy. I believe 5 was going off that sort of idea, using a girl for your own purposes then running off and her father wanting to harm him for hurting his little girl

Amazing how many people's heads the joke went over...

Yeah because he could help realizing he was gay.....

Realizing you're gay is one thing, but theres no need to test it out for so long on this girl. Thats ****** wack. Dude should be ashamed.

Well we don't know how long they dated. And lots of the time it's hard to know if you are gay or not in your teens because your always horny and really it takes experimenting to know.

One doesn't generally fall in love, lose their virginity etc in less than a couple months.... And if they did thats wack as hell and doesn't even count.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

64- I completely agree with you that teens usually do take it to the next level way too quickly, but I just wanted to throw this out there: I'll be 17 next month, my boyfriend will be 17 in August, we've been together since April 2009, and we are still virgins. We are in love and 100% faithful, but don't feel ready for that step yet. Sorry about this post I just wanted people to know that there ARE somewhat-mature, semi-responsible teens out there :)

Hiimhaileypotter 52

99- who is that in response to?

Being gay is a choice. Don't even go there. Messing with a girls mind bc he doesn't have the kahunas to come forward about HIS CHOICE is wrong.

Ohhhhhh Snap goes his bones as whiny OP goes all super ninja on him :/

simonxy1 3

Lmfaoo! you just got played!!

hockeyoceancity 13

Lmfaoo! Stop commenting, 2 is enough.

reallytho3 11

Lol tht was mean but hilarious ^

You gotta move on. There's plenty of people out there.

FML_14u2c 14

Move on -- and get tested. You just never know.

Better safe than sorry. Was a strap-on ever involved?