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Today, I started my day off with a relaxing cup of coffee, the morning paper, and the sound of my mother informing me I will be going to hell for being not believing in God. FML
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ihavenolifehaha 16

People like her give us normal Christians a bad name..

ihavenolifehaha 16

What I'm saying is that theres two types of Christians: the over religious type Christian that tries to force their views on everyone else, and the normal Christian who believes in God but doesn't shove their beliefs down everyone's throats.


ihavenolifehaha 16

People like her give us normal Christians a bad name..

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ihavenolifehaha 16

What I'm saying is that theres two types of Christians: the over religious type Christian that tries to force their views on everyone else, and the normal Christian who believes in God but doesn't shove their beliefs down everyone's throats.

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You might as well just say two types of people. I'm personally atheist, but I've seen people (assholes) on both sides of the debate try to force their beliefs on others, or mistake their opinions for objective fact.

I often find it amusing that there are so many Christians that think they are the ones that got it right and those others aren't really "true Christians".

A while ago I ran into a atheist person. I know this because he shoved atheism down my through because I was a "nasty Christian". I have run into people who tell me I'm not fully Christian if I don't pray and read the bible everyday. I agree, both sides have the bad people.

#23, you'll notice that's how it works in most religions. I do find it strange that not only do Christians think they're right and everyone else isn't, but that from one denomination to the next, you get such drastically different ideals.

The ones who recognize atheists might as well be recognized as agnostics.

Not really because you can also be an agnostic theist. Or even a gnostic atheist.

Too many different words to say religion is suspect but atheists are still just haters.

27: it's funny you say that we all drastic differently in our beliefs but Christians think "they're right." I feel for you that you've only met the self righteous ones, because in all honesty christianity is about being selfless and kind to all. That's how I was raised at least.

#34 Isn't selflessness and love the core of all major world religions? It's not just Christianity? And those Pentecostals don't think their snake handling is crazy. Many Baptist churches believe it's wrong to drink/dance at all. Is salvation though faith alone or is it by works too? Is hell-- fire and brimstone or does perish just mean cease to exist? Is Genesis to be taken literally or figuratively? Etc...

Catholicism wants to have a word with your first point. If they were more selfish, there would be a lot less complaints about their abstinence teachings, since they would teach proper contraceptive techniques.

Christianity is a very broad term, that's why there are different beliefs that vary from Christianity. Christian means follower of Christ. It's not any specific religion. It's following and believing the teachings of Jesus Christ. I personally believe (please don't take my opinion as attacking or anything), that your salvation is determined on your faith and Acceptance of Jesus. A lot of people believe it's by good works. I believe it's by faith and acceptance of Jesus because if you truly have faith and you truly accept the Holy Spirit into your life, you will feel compelled to do good works. Good works and all are not the key, but a "side effect" of the key. I've seen a lot of examples of this in my life. I identify as a follower of Jesus, but not with any specific religion. I always love a good conversation about beliefs as long as no one is rude, they can be enjoyable. I know some atheist didn't want to talk with me about beliefs once, but when I finally convinced them that I could have a calm nice discussion, they opened up. And I got to see things from their perspective, I didn't try and make them see through mine.

Such a great and tolerant attitude, if only everybody could be as open as you. Instead of hating people for their faith or lack thereof, you use it to strengthen or add depth to your own. Applause to you, sir.

I don't quit understand some of your earlier comments, #38

The number one reason people don't like Christians is the hypocrisy of many. Jesus taught to love one another, and a lot of Christians forget this key point in their emotional opinions. Have you ever noticed people holding up signs that says "God hates gays" or something similar to that? Those always puzzle me, because God loves everyone. He loved everyone so much that he gave his only son for our salvation. That's why it baffles me to see a "Christian" saying God hates someone or anything along those lines.

Dry humor. I'm an atheist. I just recognize that there are a lot of reasons people look down upon a lack of faith.

# 49 Mr Tree I commend you on your comment but that wasn't exactly what we/I was talking about. I wasn't defining what Christianity means (I'm well aware), I was pointing out that there are ones that will call others NOT "true Christians". But to themselves, they are? Ex: I have a sister that's a fundamentalists and yes, she's one of those that's in your face preaching nonstop. She believes that she is a "true Christians" and if you're not like her that's following the orders of God to spread his word as commanded, you're not really a true Christian because if you really really were, you would want to save as many damned souls as possible. To her, if you're not doing what she is-- then you are Lukewarm and God will spit you out of his mouth. Revelation 3:15-16. And-- As you see, even you think that you have it right and they don't.

38 Catholicism is all about being humble, that could never work

55, I completely agree with you, I'm personally Catholic and am hated my even my uncle because I support gay rights, when the Christian teaching is of the New Testament, Jesus's word, and the popes word, all of which except all human beings

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I'm shamanism. When u see a real ritual in real life, u will never want to believe anything else.

#49 "I personally believe that your salvation is determined on your faith and acceptance of Jesus." So you agree with OP's mother?

I was more so attempting to address an earlier comment. But, in a way, yes. I believe that the only way to heaven is by Jesus. Now, I don't tell people they are going to hell. It is not my place to make such claims and judge. But if you're an atheist, and you don't share my belief, then why does it matter what I believe will happen? Why are you offended that my belief says you're going to hell, if you truly believe that hell doesn't exist? Am I happy that someone maybe going to hell? No. But nobody likes being told they are going to hell, that's a rude thing to tell someone. And another reason that I'd never tell someone they are going to hell, people can change. I've seen heavy sinners turn their lives completely around.

#62 I get what you're saying. And I do admit that I get that attitude that my way is right and what not. On the example you gave, to some extent, yes, spreading the word is a part of being a Christian. But, so is being loving and understanding. And from there, people may get caught up in spreading the word and they may start saying things to try and get a reaction of sorts and from there they say something along the lines of "you're going to hell." That in it's self is not a loving or kind thing to say. And to me at least, it seems that people get so caught up in trying to preach to others that they forget that reaching out with love and kindness is the best way to spread the word. I've always thought that the best way to spread the word is to live it. I think the simplest answer to your question #62, is that being Christian is like cooking a meal. We all have our own way of cooking. Some people need to read the directions once every couple of seconds. Others throw the cookbook away and try to do it their own way. Some stick to the recipe and add their own spices in occasionally. And we're all convinced that our way is the best way or the right way. But in the end, we're all just trying to get the meal on the table. In the end, we're all looking for salvation. Does that make sense?

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I was in the comments of a youtube video; I was commenting about how the Westboro Baptist church took Christian beliefs and put a mental twist on it and some atheist just decided to start an argument with me, and insult my intelligence several times just because he thought I shouldn't be Christian. He was a total ass trying to get me to be atheist, so yeah, both have good and bad people.

23, I believe you are talking about the Spanish Inqusition

Not as bad as some muslims give to other muslims. This is nothing compared to that.

Nah, I have met plenty of of Cool christians. My Ex was an orthodox christian and it isn't like she forced her Ideas on people. The large majority of christians are pretty cool.

You'll have a heck of a time explaining how "normal Christians" DON'T believe what she just said. It's fair to say Christians believe that people who don't believe in God are going to Hell. Maybe "normal" ones don't announce it at breakfast, but they still believe it.

What a great way to start off your day!

Tell her that you respect her religious views, but it does not mean you have to follow them too, and her saying you will go to hell is just ridiculous I hope you talk to her OP, my mum is religious and has a fit every time we say 'oh my god'. It's difficult

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I feel you. My mother finds a way to link everything to religion, even when you're trying to make small talk. It turns into a sermon pretty soon if you even nod out of politeness.

Telling a Religious person that you respect their views undermines everything that an atheist stands for. It's not a matter of respect. You can respect someone for being human that's the requirement for respect but being a Christian, a Democrat, a Blackhawks fan doesn't warrant respect nor dismiss it. Particularly in the case of religion telling someone you respect their beliefs is a complete and utter absurdity. We need to break the spell.

You may want to inform her next time, that neither do you believe in God, nor in Hell/Heaven. The cup of coffee is the real heaven then.

Exactly. A Christian threatening you with Hell is like a hippie threatening to punch you in your aura.

Sounds like she hasn't chosen to respect your decisions in life yet.

This is when a 'mute' button would come in handy.

That sucks op. I hate when people try to force their religion onto others..

Religion is like a penis. It's fine to have one and it's fine to be proud of it, but please don't whip it out in public and start waving it around... And PLEASE don't try to shove it down your child's throat.

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Well that's certainly an analogy I've never heard before.

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That's a really good analogy.

The religiosos are out in force downvoting, I see.