By JillianJuneBug - United States - Standish
Today, my school textbook's back cover ripped off. Not wanting to have my teacher find out, I glued the cover back together. Only after the glue dried did I realize that I actually glued the back cover upside down. FML
JillianJuneBug tells us more :
Hey this is OP, I made an account to comment and shed a little light on the situation. Yes, I go to public school, and yes we have to pay fines for damaged or missing books. The thing is, the back cover was only barely hanging on and it snapped off while I was taking it out of my bag. I put down in the original FML that it came off due to being worn.
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  Fobster06  |  20

Wait, if the cover is upside down...then that means either the inside of the cover is facing out or op glued the edge of the cover inside and has the ripped section exposed. YDI for that one

  doodlecloud  |  26

52 - I think 33's just pointing out that it's not simply 'unfortunate', it's damn right idiotic. It's really difficult to glue a cover on back to front accidentally because it just wouldn't match up.

  annarcheer  |  19

I'm sure you've made mistakes like that all the time. schools not gonna help them. they don't have a class specifically for "how to glue the back of a book on properly"

  BlameTheOwls  |  14

Nothing much other than fines for damaging the book. Since OP didn't want the teacher to know, I would assume they are in a public school where they borrow the textbooks and only have to pay if they lose or damage them.