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you're so stupid.. what the hell is wrong with you? he doesnt deserve anything! so what if his siblings are stupid? its not his fault. its people like you that make me wanna go punch a tree and cry and pray to the lord. jeez.


His siblings are obviously stupid and stupidity is hereditary so obviously this WOMAN follows suit. She doesn't even know how to not be a fat cow-like person. While you're at it, why don't you take a short walk off a long pier.


what is your problem. seriously and whats with this copying my username thing. and going around being like YDI for being so and so. i started that stuff. and the person who wrote this is not stupid. if stupidity is hereditary, then you must be related to the OP's sister. god. go home.


My problem is all of the people like you. And my username? Platypus, Cats, and Rats all happen to be my favorite animals so suck on a stick you lowlife. I go around being like YDI for this and that because these people actually do deserve it and when you say YDI you don't even know what you're talking about. And by the way, what a lame comeback for my hereditary stupidity comment. My dad is the founder of and I'm going to get you SHUT. DOWN.


go ahead and try it. try getting me "SHUT. DOWN." because capital letters make you all super tough. badass little Cat lover right here guys! watch outttt!
what are you gonnna do? scratch me with your little claws little pussycat???

  Mykeh  |  0

Platypuscatrat. I pity you for being socially retarded.

I pray that you somehow fix yourself.

Oh, and if that beaverdogmouse is another account of yours or one of your friends than FYL.

  deathbunny256  |  0

Hey. Platypussyvermin. Fuck you. oh im sorry i want to sound powerful so FUCK YOU. YOU WANT TO KNOW WHO I AM?! THE SON OF THE FOUNDER OF THIS WEBSITE. I WILL GET YOU NO NOT SHUT DOWN BUT SHOT DOWN!!!!! haha sorry im kinda bipolar when i type YOU WANNA MAKE SOMETHING OF IT?!?! no but really what are you like some sort of asian hata? i bet youre like one of those modern nazis or something, huh?

  MR_OHCRAP  |  0

Hey, Platypus retard dude. Just because some Asians don't know how to speak English, it doesn't make them stupid. Ok, some have bad education, but you can't blame them for being born in a poor family. You are a racist fuck. Get out of earth's society. We don't want fucking racist douches that think they are all cool. Would want to look like a retard in Asia, because you don't know how to speak Chinese or Japanese or whatever the language? Racist fucks like you have no life. You obviously have a bad education.

Selfish, spoilt, little racist bastards, like you, deserve a belting and deserve to starve until a matchstick. Maybe then you will see how other people live. Let me guess, you are a rich white guy, with a PS3, XBox 360 and a massive Plasma to go with it? And what, you have never ever been hungry before because you just cry until your parents feed you, because you are too lazy to get it yourself? Thought so. Without Asians you probably won't have all the stuff you have.

My main message, GET A LIFE. Try it one day. I bet you won't survive 1 day in a rainforest without your mummy to sucky sucky off.


ignorant americans like you piss me off a lot. i am so happy that i live not in america. stop talking. and why did you have to copy me with this username thing. i look retarded now because of you.


deathbunny256: If you're his son then that makes us siblings. I am gay and I love incest. ohhhhyes

MR_OHCRAP: You are a stupid fuck. Earth doesn't even have a society. It's just a bunch of primitive human beings coexisting together who haven't destroyed their planet yet. I never even said that this Beaver kid was stupid, you and he instilled this into the conversation like the stupid fucks you are. Me not knowing Chinese and Japanese? Wo xiang ni na yang bu dui. Hajimemashite. Can you even say hello in those languages? You obviously have a bad education. For the record, I'm a beautiful Latina living in a dingy apartment and I'm lucky if I get two meals a day. My parents died shortly after I was born and my father was straight out of the Philippines. FML? No because I'm not a needy little white boy who types up their daily mishaps on a website. Muchas gracias, puto.

dolfan1993: You betcha.

beaverdogmouse: Lo siento. Me amo tu pene y lo quisiera en mi.

  eshploded  |  0

maybe you already found out, but you actually called beaver and a lot of other people stupid.

"asians are stupid". remember?

btw, lol at the earth having no society. there's some organization between most people.

  ivals  |  2

@deathbunny256 nazis don't really exist anymore + they don't hate asians but jews

P.S. just cause im in vacation in germany doesn't mean im a nazi, I hate hitler and nazis

  Pixie333  |  6

Platypus - I'm kind of confused... I thought you said your dad was the founder of FML but he died so I don't think you can get anyone shut down? You must be retarded... Do you even know what you're saying?

  NickPortrayed  |  0

Since when do 1 year old opinions matter?

Oh wait they matter when you're a fucking putz that cares enough to post "A ONE YEAR OLD THINKS I MOOO LIKE A COW!!' THIS ISNT FAIR!!! WAAHH FML!!!!"

Id like to know the guy who posted this a little
better so I might get the chance to take a swing at his dome with a ballpein hammer.

By  anonnie  |  0

lol @ the OP's username. either you lied a bit when you made your account.... or he just made a random animal sound that has nothing to do with you look. in that case, you're just looking for any reason to be on lol.