By Bleiz - United States - Federal Way
Today, I decided to act on my therapist's advice and ask my crush out. She turned me down because I'm apparently too much of a downer. The reason I have a therapist is because I'm depressed. FML
Bleiz_fml tells us more :
I just want to say thank you for all of the love and such. Just getting y FML published made me excited a little! And to all the people saying that the girl is "not worth it" and stuff like that, we are still good friends and I get where she was coming from. Like multiple people have said, dating someone that has a mental disorder can be tough (especially if said person has multiple, such as ADD and an anxiety disorder I forgot the name to). Anyways thanks for the support and all..
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By  oj101  |  33

I'm sorry, but she's not a therapist. Therapists should learn to be detached and objective - not affected and offended by someone being a "downer". I would report her ASAP to any relevant professional board/association that gives out the accreditation. She could potentially be very dangerous towards others if she isn't stopped.

  Disaster666  |  10

The crush and the therapist aren't the same person? The therapist suggested OP ask his crush out, which can be perfectly good advice. Never did OP state or imply the therapist was his crush.


Nobody is required to date anybody they don't want to. It's sucks for OP, but not dating someone because of mental health issues is a VERY valid reason - it's hard work, and not everyone is cut out for it. If you're not 100% stable yourself, it's pretty easy to be pulled down by a partner with a mood disorder. By giving someone a chance despite not being sure you can handle it you're doing them and yourself a disservice.

  withered  |  30

No. She should not give him a chance just because he likes her. The whole point of relationship is that you are with someone you're attracted to and you have feelings for. + Mental issues are a valid reason not to date someone.

By  nadiabjensen  |  15

Some people are having such a hard time understanding depression. You stepped out of your comfort zone, which is very good! She's not worth it when she can't even give you a chance. :-)

  withered  |  30

Good for him that he made a step further. That does not make her obligated to date her. Even if he farted rainbows out of his ass for her she is not a bad person for rejecting someone she does not want to be with.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

You said on your comment "she's not worth it". That implies you think she's a bad person if you think she's not "worth it".

  tantanpanda  |  26

Why the hell are so many people degrading the girl for rejecting someone that she don't like? Because OP has depression, it automatically gives him a free relationship pass? I'm having a difficult time understanding you people's thought process. Being around a Debbie downer is NOT fun and I wouldn't want to date someone who would make me feel negative. It's like saying "Oh, said person has bipolar disorder, but you should give them a chance anyway." She doesn't deserve to be called a bad person for not liking OP's attitude, despite his depression.

By  aGMAELSTR0M  |  10

Aw man no worries! I've been turned down before too! I remember one time, I asked my crush to go get some ice cream, and when we got there I asked her to be mine. She said no because I'm "too much of an upper." It was probably due to the copious amounts of cocaine I was snorting as I was waiting for her answer but hey, at least we tried, right?
But seriously, there's plenty of fish in the sea. Just keep at it and it'll pay off. Kudos to you for putting in the effort!