By Ljiljka - 01/08/2014 14:37 - Serbia - Belgrade

Today, I had to explain to my father why it isn't a good idea to shove a metal knife into the toaster when trying to get at a small piece of toast. This man is 45-years-old and has a PhD. FML
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Ljiljka tells us more.

Hey there, OP here! For those of you asking, he has a PhD in biology. He's done crazier and much more dangerous things than this, trust me. If you guys have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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He would have had an electrifying epiphany if all had gone as planned. You ruined it!


He would have had an electrifying epiphany if all had gone as planned. You ruined it!

how is that relevant? you can assume the OP is younger than that by at least 15 years, probably more. However there's really no need to know.

Why does OP's age matter in this situation?

because if he's young, he may not understand how the world works, sometimes we do stupid stuff because its much easier than doing it safely, risk/reward

If his father is 45, i'm guessing he's around 19-21. My father is 48, and i am 21. Also, age does not define knowledge or intelligence.

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it would be shocking at the very least!

29 But OP didn't shove the knife in the toaster, her father did. Her father who we know is 45 years old. (I.e. old enough to know better)

Oh wait, you're defending the father? No. I get what you mean but I'm sure that's what a lot of people say until they get electrocuted, run over,'s best to be safe. It's not exactly hard to turn the toaster off or get some tongs or something.

if the toaster already popped you can shove whatever you want in there - my opinion as a mechanical (mechatronics) engineer. there is no current going through the coils so you're fine. OP is a retard.

you stopped him before he got his superpowers! how dare you

He has a PhD alright.... a PhD in stupidity.

Having a pretty huge dick wouldn't make him smart.

Couldn't he I don't know unplug the toaster? If it isn't plugged in then he wouldn't get such a shocking response.

lol I stick a metal knife in my toaster any time i can't reach my toast. normal toasters don't electrocute you lol. educate yourself.

Him with superpowers? I can't imagine the idiotic things he'd pull off with those

I think he will find the result shocking

He should watch 'dumb ways to die' That would be an educational commercial for him.

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What a shocking thing for a man of his years to do. That's really a crummy idea. Butter be careful that he doesn't hurt himself, OP!

Your comment was bad, and you should feel bad

yeah cus the knife could get bent and no one wants that!

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My Dad also has a PhD and once tried to put milk in a soda stream because he thought it would make a milkshake. Suffice to say, the results were not what he was expecting. Maybe we should introduce our Dads...

That doesn't sound like a good idea at all, more like a comic disaster on the level of Mr Bean.

You're right there. The look on his face when he tasted it was quite something. The thing is, despite that incident, he's a very intelligent guy (he's a biochemist / neonatal scientist) He just sucks at preparing cold beverages. :)

Electricity won't stop him from reaching his toast op he has his priorities.

Well, it's safe to do if you unplug the toaster first...

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its still kinda unsafe, why not just flip the toaster upside down

It's actually perfectly safe if it's unplugged. As far as I'm aware there isn't a capacitor that holds a charge in a toaster...

if I turn it upside down I'll get crumbs everywhere, and I don't want ants in my house