By lalibear - 03/05/2009 16:07 - United States

Today, I left the sliding glass door to our townhouse open because it was such a beautiful day. Our new puppy, whom we have been potty training, peed in the yard and I praised him relentlessly. He then walked inside the house, pooped on the carpet, and ran back outside. FML
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you deserve this one for not having a fake ID

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Dogs don't learn just by praise. There has to be a combination of praise, as well as scolding and punishment for doing something wrong. Otherwise he isn't going to learn. You spoil and kiss the puppies ass, and he is just going to shit in your face... or in this case, your house. You should have yelled "no" or "dont pee" or "bad dog", or something along those lines... shoved the turd in his face... and made him stay outside longer than he wanted to. Next time, he would think twice before shitting in your house. Problem solved :)

You should have eaten his poopy.

Aww. My dog did the exact same thing when we were potty training her. :P #5, no need to be so harsh. Potty training a new puppy is hard.

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Look at it this way: you're halfway there.

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That happened to a friend of mine, but instead her dog crapped all over her feet. She wasn't wearing shoes or socks or anything.

#9's friend had a better FML then the OP's.