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By Anonymous - 31/08/2020 06:55 - United Kingdom

Today, my husband and I have such busy careers, we have to schedule sex for when we’re both at home and hopefully not too tired, otherwise we’d never have sex at all. The last time we had sex was on my birthday, in April, and our next appointment is mid September. I really miss sex. FML
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Susan Yee 9

Even on weekends? You both gotta cut down work hours, that is not healthy.


Maybe you can "pencil in" a side piece into your calendar. Mid-September is almost here. Do your Kegels!

One or both of you needs to cut down on your schedule, or your abstinence streaks or just going to continue.

Don't want to be pessimistic but your husband might have a double life.

crashtestdumplin 16

Remind each other that it is good for stress relief and should be higher priority over something else because it will provide a calmness and make other aspects of your life easier to tackle.

Susan Yee 9

Even on weekends? You both gotta cut down work hours, that is not healthy.

I'm sorry, but YDI. That's a choice the both of you made. Maybe you shouldn't devote your every living minute to your career and actually start living instead.

rotflqtms_ 21

It's possible that they work different schedules. like one works days one works nights, and they have different days off. In times like these, you will put up with anything to keep your job because you never know where you'll be in a month from now.

arious 4

Have you ever thought of using you Toys? Or even a side salad?

tounces7 27

So stop making work your highest priority.

Mathalamus 24

You have to work to live. Maybe it’s actually impossible to cut back on the hours. Honestly, I see nothing wrong, since both of them have a busy job, not just one.

You both need to rein it in, or the lack of sex won't be the only problem in your relationship. You don't have to quit your jobs, but you could cut down on your hours, or even see if there's a possibility of you both going on sabbatical or an extended vacation. No job is worth the negative effects your mental and physical health can suffer.