By Anonymous - 16/03/2013 15:51 - United States - South Sioux City

Today, I told my family I was divorcing my husband. My little sister asked if "we can keep him instead". FML
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Wow, that's a bit odd. How old is your little sister, OP?

I visit my ex uncle more than my blood aunt haha funny how things work out.


ThatFunnyGy 2

I don't get along with my sisters either.

Old unused 13

@#2 That doesn't help OP in any way.

Wow, that's a bit odd. How old is your little sister, OP?

beachchick9498 5

That's what I'm wondering! Bc if she's like 3 that's not too bad, but if she's around OP's age then she's not the nicest person

Or OP could just be a complete bitch.

XxXkyttiXxX 11

Siblings: a blessing and an evil entity all packed into one body.

I visit my ex uncle more than my blood aunt haha funny how things work out.

Same. Even though is the other way around, my family still loves my "ex-"aunt and actually invite her to more family parties than my uncle.

JessalynVictoria 6

You don't just give away a husband like a dog or some other animal lol. Maybe they are divorcing because he is like a dog and sticks his pecker in any bitch in heat though.

Where on the FML does it suggest OP's ex husband is a complete dog? We don't know why OP is divorcing her spouse. You can't be making such extreme guesses.

3rdbass 9

You don't give away dogs either, for that matter.

JessalynVictoria 6

Exactly. It doesn't say why... Part of the fun of FML is trying to guess some of the situations behind them. That is one of the many possibilities. Or she could be a bitch. Or maybe they both came to the decision mutually thinking that would be best. Who knows? But it's interesting to think about lol.

Yeah!!! I forgot how fun slander can be. Thanks JessalynVictoria for reminding me. I'll just assume the very worst about all the OPs from now on for no real reason whatsoever.

I don't know about you, but I would not give up my dog.

JessalynVictoria, you missed the point & made the same mistake. To save yourself from down votes & arguments with the FML community, stick to the info in front of you. Don't go around assuming everyone is an ass or you will attract asses. Internet & real life.

BeMyLove15 10

Don't feel too bad, siblings can say the meanest things even though they love you.

Family: You love them even when you really hate them

Actually, there's very little information here, OP could be a complete bitch, I mean, usually in FML's, OP would specify that she/he is divorcing because his/her spouse cheated, abused, etc. But it simply says that she's divorcing him. I'm leaning towards the idea that OP could be a bitch if her sister is leaning towards him than her. But that's my idea.

I'm sorry. I've read some ****** up family stories before, but your own sister! That just takes the cake.

You're right! It makes all of those domestic violence and abuse stories sound like nothing.

Kids always have favorites. Maybe she finds him funny!

Mads_1234 28

Well how old IS OP's sister? If she's a child then yeah she might not realize what exactly is going on but if she's an adult... Sorry OP, you can pick your friends but you can't pick your family.

-boing boing boing- Goes the thread hopper.

Doesn't matter what OP is like. You NEVER say THAT about your relative.