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  in_the_dark  |  0

She never had a tantrum before the bribery, so I never had a problem taking her to the store before. Now though, anytime she goes with me for the next two months it's only if I absolutely have to go (if my mom can't watch her) and she has to sit in the cart. It's only part of her punishment.

  hedgehogs  |  0

I'm glad your daughter has one parent whose head is on straight. I'm certainly not talking about your ex.

If you have to go back to court for any custody issue or anything else pertaining to your separation and divorce, be sure your attorney, the mediator and/or the judge hear about this.

In the meantime, buy her a toy with a really disgusting, loud sound and make a rule that it goes to her father's house and stays there.

  DizzyVulps  |  0

You should do what my mom di when my little sister threw her first and only tantrum! *she snatched her by her collar and whispered with an undeniable evil "If you scream again I will snatch your soul right out of your body." She never threw another one again.

True story.

  blueeyes24  |  0

aww I feel kind of bad for her though... her dad sounds like a malnipulative son of a B***h. it sucks when one parent puts the kid at odds with the other parent

  lorrenbiffin  |  0

It bothers me that people think petty issues like this are worth the utterly devastating act of removing a child from their father or mothers life. This is not grounds for a custody claim.

The father seemingly has a great, close, playful relationship with his child.. that is unless your sensationalistic and dramatic and force yourself to see this as anything more.

  in_the_dark  |  0

Well, I wouldn't try to take away any of his visitation rights because that's not fair to her. Plus it takes A LOT more than him using her to get back at me. You have to prove that a person is an unfit parent in order to get complete custody with no visitations.

  bluesclues72  |  0

I know right! I got my first beaten the night I was born, I was crying a lot and my mom was tired so she tapped my ass( ;] ) very lightly but enough to shut me up for the night.