By Stevie - 17/12/2016 03:15 - United States - Southfield

Today, I kindly explained to a client that she had calculated her CD interest wrong. She kindly responded that, as a nurse, she would never give me medical treatment if I was involved in a car accident. FML
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Be careful! She probably cut your brake lines!

It would be illegal of her not to help you. she would have her licence and registration revoked.


Be careful! She probably cut your brake lines!

Well that escalated quickly. That's when you just be sickly sweet and kill the customer with kindness.

Being a retail worker myself I lost interest in what you were saying after kill the customer.

1) Did you interact with her in person or over the phone? If over the phone, then she won't know what you look like. If in person, maybe she'll forget if you are in an accident. 2) If she's working at the time of the accident, she really can't refuse you medical attention.

I don't think OP is actually concerned that this particular nurse will refuse her medical attention. It's more she was being a big jerk when OP was just telling her a (disappointing) fact.

She got triggered fairly fast if you ask me.

What she REALLY means, OP, is that she hopes you'll never be involved in an accident. Trust me, i've played surgeon simulator, I know the slang they use

surprisingly threats like this are common from medical staff, my mum works in the payroll department for the NHS,some people that call up with queries that are so nasty is be scared to look then in the eye as a patient

That's against a code they take as a medical professional. Idk what country you live in if it's different but my mom HAS to stop for car accidents. Usually she's not needed if enough nurses stop. I don't think legally they have to but it's a super important moral oath they take.