By CallMeCherry - 26/08/2020 07:59 - United Kingdom

Today, I managed to "permanently and irrevocably" damage my spine. How? By bending down and picking up a piece of paper. According to my doctor, essentially I need to, "bend over like a stripper if I want to pick something up." FML
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Could try and kneel whenever you pick up any fallen items.


Could try and kneel whenever you pick up any fallen items.

Excellent advice. After a Pilates class, I had the Lumbago-from-Hell and I had to walk to my doctor like a 90-year-old grandma with arthritis. Since then, instead of bending over to pick up stuff on the floor, I sit on my heels. My knees have never felt better! Plus, I can drop it like it's hot now.

Somebody come git her she’s dancing like a stripper.

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I feel you on this one! I have a finicky back as well and I walk and stretch as much as I can! last month I put my back out by slightly leaning over the counter to wash my face! luckily I was better after about 4 days tho, I found tying an ice back to my back with a scarf helped as well as the extra strength ibuprofen from Costco seemed to help a lot! rest when you need to but make sure to carefully move around so your muscles dont get more bogged up, so gentle stretches to keep things loose, and if you CAN try to go see a chiropractor if you havnt already, I know they can be pricey tho. hopefully this helps a bit, I'm sorry you have to deal with this!

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That’s some great healthcare you got there

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Its called, you tweaked a muscle/nerve....done this before putting on socks or deadlifts at the gym. It'll heal....