By iheartvodka - 07/11/2009 06:55 - United States

Today, I had a police officer come to my house because I've been reported missing. My friends online decided to call the police because I haven't signed in for 6 days. FML
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it's...nice that XD

So they knew enough about you for a cop to come to your door but they couldn't find your phone number to just call first?


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In what way does it suck? Holy shit, you have friends that actually care about you. Your love sucks! I clicked FML because you don't deserve your friends.

Seriously! It's not even that he doesn't deserve them, it's that he is so boring that he can't see how this is an amazingly funny story that his life sucks.

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it sucks because her friends assume she has no life, obviously. If i dont log on for a week, no one cares. because i have real life friends.

come to think of it, i haven't seen allmidnighteyes lately. has anyone else? omg let's call 911 and tell them "allmidnighteyes is missing, he hasn't commented in days, something must be wrong"

I think it's great ire friends r worried bout u

ur friends must be stupid. did they try calling you? -_-

Wow. Either you have clingy friends or you need a life.

Agreed, you probably deserve it for spending your life on the internet. Actually, i take that back, since im religiously reading updated FMLs every day :)

Get a life? Gee, that sounds like a good idea! Maybe she should not log on for 6 days-Oh wait. She probably just quit. And got a life. Theory fail.

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48- That's what I said. Obviously I'd OP didn't sign in for 6 days, they're realizing how boring Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Kik and MySpace really are.

Lmao I was gonna post something similar to this but couldn't because the validation process on here but you beat me to it!

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it's...nice that XD

well said mate! how is this a FML?? at least people care about you!!

LOL i understand them. i was starting to get really worried cuz my friend is in a bad relationship and hadn't logged in for a week xD

So they knew enough about you for a cop to come to your door but they couldn't find your phone number to just call first?

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I think if they know the full name and the city they live in, age, and so on the cops can figure out the address easily in an emergency.

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#6, thats what I was thinking. I guess maybe your right though 22. Though who gives out the city they live in to random people on the internet?

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Well Facebook list the person's current city. And they may have had where they live come up in conversation.

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Ahaha that sounds like something my friends would do

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not much of an FML, it sounds like you just need to get a life. At least thay noticed, som people wouldn't from the FML's I've read previously.