By AUDONEE - 10/02/2010 06:39 - United States

Today, I received multiple phone calls asking how much my Siamese cat cost. Too bad I never had a Siamese cat - let alone a Siamese cat up for sale. Turns out the guy I prank phone called the other day didn't appreciate it and put my number on Craigslist with an add for a Siamese cat. FML
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YDI for not using *67. If the person you're calling can read your phone number then you fail.

Oh come on, you pranked him so he's pranking you. This is hardly a FYL


You could just hide your number. Unless your using your home phone. YDI

first off who prank calls any more that's just retarded, second your lucky it's was only an AD for a cat not sex or hookups YDI

could have been a lot worse

Exactly! I actually though the guy didn't go far enough; he should've posted his number for a Craigslist chubby chaser hookup instead of a Siamese cat for sale.

to many craigslist fml's recently its unbelievable lol

here's an easy way to fix it: don't prank call

*67 shows your number as restricted... learn to prank call like a pro or don't do it at all. my friend called someone using *67 and got caugh tho cuz he left a voicemail involving the word "rape" and the lady called the police and moved into a hotel for 3 days... don't prank call asshat

OP, You're an idiot. Don't you know that you're supposed to block your number with *67? You fail at life.

@michael321123 -- Your friend is a creep!

that's y u use *67

ever heard of *69????

actually they can still get your number if you *67. you won't get caught if you use spoofcard or google voice. op you deserve it for using your real number

Lol, that is funny your an asshole and totally deserve it at least it wasn't some crazy bitch who puts you on a pedophile list, then you would be stuffed

*67 retard

ya I agree why the F didn't u block ur number

some phones can find out the number of a *67 call real easily, just add the number to contacts my phone can't but a lot of my friends can

I want a kitty!! but yeah, you totally deserved it.

Idea prank calls are lame :P but cereally, you shouldn't have done that.

lol when you're drunk you don't exactly think about that do you? remember the OP never told us about his background state during these calls. and all those people saying prank calling is lame, you're exactly right. go ding dong ditching instead or something that actually takes balls. I know I'm the devils advocate on this, but I know these things through having experienced them.

Am I the only one who DOES still think about such things when I'm drunk? I know different people react differently to alcohol, but it is never a valid excuse for doing stupid shit.

I like cereal.

Si, and I like potatoes.

there ARE ways to see a blocked number.. you can look at your online bill nd you can see your call history.

wat a fuckin idiot. YDI

took the words out of my mouth.. or keyboard xD

YDI for not using *67. If the person you're calling can read your phone number then you fail.

yeah who prank calls with their own number? totally had that one coming to ya!! lol

have u not heard of blocking your number idiot. YDI

if you're going to be a douche then man up to your karma and don't come crying to us.

Oh come on, you pranked him so he's pranking you. This is hardly a FYL