By AUDONEE - United States
Today, I received multiple phone calls asking how much my Siamese cat cost. Too bad I never had a Siamese cat - let alone a Siamese cat up for sale. Turns out the guy I prank phone called the other day didn't appreciate it and put my number on Craigslist with an add for a Siamese cat. FML
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  michael32123  |  0

*67 shows your number as restricted... learn to prank call like a pro or don't do it at all. my friend called someone using *67 and got caugh tho cuz he left a voicemail involving the word "rape" and the lady called the police and moved into a hotel for 3 days... don't prank call asshat

  cellerbeck  |  4

actually they can still get your number if you *67. you won't get caught if you use spoofcard or google voice. op you deserve it for using your real number

By  tom9686  |  0

Lol, that is funny your an asshole and totally deserve it at least it wasn't some crazy bitch who puts you on a pedophile list, then you would be stuffed


lol when you're drunk you don't exactly think about that do you? remember the OP never told us about his background state during these calls. and all those people saying prank calling is lame, you're exactly right. go ding dong ditching instead or something that actually takes balls.
I know I'm the devils advocate on this, but I know these things through having experienced them.

  uxoriouswidow  |  0

Am I the only one who DOES still think about such things when I'm drunk? I know different people react differently to alcohol, but it is never a valid excuse for doing stupid shit.