By Soverytired - 11/12/2014 13:29 - Australia

Today, I received a gift certificate from my grandmother for a local bookshop. Considering how broke I am, this would be a fantastic gift. If the bookshop in question wasn't a right-wing evangelical Christian Bookshop, and I wasn't Jewish. FML
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You know, the Jewish believed Jesus to be a very holy profit. Also, conservatives tend to have a favorable view towards Jewish people, especially Israelites. Shouldn't be a problem unless they are KKK members or Orthodox Protestants.

Ok. Jews never believed that Jesus was a prophet and they believe that they messiah has not yet come. That is one of the main differences between Jews and Christians. If you do not believe me, please use google. It can help at times.

@51 I never said they saw him as the son of God. I also meant prophet, not profit. I guess not literal prophet but some Jews do believe so. They do view Jesus as a respected teacher though.

53, most Jews really don't. The whole 'blasphemy' thing was kind of a big deal, and also the centuries of torture and oppression at the hands of Christians really didn't help

Maybe "thoughtful" as in Grandma put a lot of thought into it, but definitely not in a pleasant way if it was intended to be a disapproving comment on OP 's religion. I actually hope it was a thoughtless gift, given the alternatives.

they dont always sell only Christian books tho

Yeah, I hear they have Harry Potter. Except with all the "devil magic" taken out. It's about three pages long.

Go there and buy something really cheap, use the gift certificate, get the difference of the gift certificate, goto a bookshop of your choosing, and buy a book fitted for you.

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In most stores over here, you don't get cash back on gift certificates, only a 'remainder note' that can be used within the valid period of time for the certificate.

Oh really?? Lame! I didn't actually look to see where the FML was coming from. Excuse my ignorance!

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Buy books at the bookshop and sell them at a different one to get money and then buy books at the new bookstore?

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that would be nice, but selling books yields minute profits. I'm betting the books they sell at the book store will only sell for a fourth of the price elsewhere. sell 4 books will maybe get you one decent book, but not much more.

Get a Bible and just read the first half.

Wouldn't it rather be in fetish&erotica, given all the incest and other sex stories?

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@30: Yeah, all that begetting sure was naughty.

you could use it and buy presents for other people.

OP is Jewish, so I don't think he would be celebrating Christmas. And I don't know too many people who give out gifts for someone else's holiday.

They can also use the card for birthday gifts; almost everyone celebrates those. Or buy some of the fairly generic items for themselves (ex: pens/stationary which don't have actual Christian quotes but more sort of general morals quotes or stuff from the old testament)

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Jews don't believe in giving, just taking. Ask Palestine.

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Yea, right wing evangelical Christian literature.