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Today, discovered that all the viruses I have gotten on my computer at work haven't been from anything I've done, but because my boss has secretly been using it after hours to download or watch porn so he wouldn't risk getting a virus on his own computer. I've lost 3 major projects due to this. FML
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HR. Now. Not only is he damaging company resources, but exposing sensitive information to who knows who.


HR. Now. Not only is he damaging company resources, but exposing sensitive information to who knows who.

plus he could also get in trouble for it later if he doesn't speak up now

I can't help but wonder what kind of websites he was browsing. As someone who has viewed my fair share of adult films, purely for research purposes of course, I've never gotten any viruses from it.

studies show that **** sites actually have the least viruses than other sites

Because he people who run them know that they'll be targeted, so they get the best of the best security.

Perhaps I can be of assistance ? I'm an IT professional and have recovered many damaged files before. Give me a shout, [email protected]

If he is not the owner, report him to HR. If he is the owner, he just wasted his own money. Tell him, that it would be much cheaper if he would buy a separate laptop for these purposes. Anyway: Make backups regularly, use a non-rewritable medium like DVD or CD. Load important files up in a Web storage.

Plot twist: OP works at a modeling agency retouching photos, so she assumed the "you love looking at busty women" and "because you watched (blah blah blah)" pop-ups were in response to her work.

You're just all over the place with likes and dislikes huh. You're either top comment, have a few likes (10 or less), or you're in negatives. Although... I admire it for some reason

I have started to realise that this guy tries waaaaay too hard to be funny. He comments on almost all FMLs. Sometimes it pays off, often it doesn't. Good on him for keeping at it though, I guess.

that sucks, even if you know it is him it is still your computer and bringing it up will get you into trouble.. once IT or you fix it add password protection to your profile..

Statistically speaking, **** sites are virtually virus-free when compared to other "legitimate" sites, like gaming and software downloads. He must have been looking at some really shady back-alley stuff.

Just a guess, but I take it you haven't performed IT grunt work for a living where cleaning personal computers was a part of the daily job? That statistic you quoted may sound tempting to believe, but in my experience it can't be applied to the real world. **** browsing and downloading pornographic content has long been a major, if not the most prevalent source of viruses and malware in IT cleanup.

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Password your computer. Remove guest accounts. Let HR know that someone has been using your work computer after hours for **** and you've lost projects. But in total seriousness, after the first project loss you should have begun backing up projects to a cloud storage. If your company doesn't use user-based storage and the computers are being used like a home network, back it up!

She might be working for a company where others need to use her computer sometimes, I'm not the only one at my work who knows my password so people can check for important emails while I'm away or fix issues. I don't think it's unreasonable to assume you can trust your boss with access to your computer.

No one other than yourself or IT should know your password. (Its why they exist!) It sounds like their computers are like personal ones and everything important is stored client side rather than a server. If theres emails that are required while you're gone, they can be shared prior to your leave, you can be contacted while you're gone so you can send, or they can request from IT the info, with your prior knowledge. The boss could have asked IT for their password though too, but it still comes back to the point of storing important projects on a cloud instead of one location, even at work!

No, not even IT should know your password. There is lterally no reason for anyone else besides yourself to know it.