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  Royness  |  8

Not all mom's do...

OP must feel pressured into it.

Some parents shame their kids when they are not "popular". It is sad, but it happens.


It happens more than you think though. My parents never shamed me for not being "popular," but I'm an introvert and they're extroverts, so especially as a teen, they didn't understand that it was my personality type. I liked being at home, being alone, and I didn't have many friends as well as had trouble making them. They'd tell me to go outside, go hang out and meet new people, even go to a party. I'd get frustrated telling them 1)I don't want to do those things, 2)even if I did, I don't have anyone to hang out with or got invited to parties, and 3)meeting new people is hard for me. Sometimes it felt like shaming because they pressured me to be different from who I really was, I was shy and quiet, and they pushed me to "open up." They just didn't understand that I don't need the same things they need, and being an introvert is not a flaw or a problem.

  Yudith_fml  |  6

And have mom blame her for not trying to make friends enough? Nah. Just have mommy drive you to someplace else, like the movie theater, the library, the modern arts museum, where you can actually have fun alone. "Mom, I have to meet my friends at the Aliens Exhibition Center" will look better than "Mom, I have to meet my friends at the mall".

By  dannidoll93  |  24

It will crush your mom if she ever finds out the truth. You should be honest. Maybe you'll find some friends if you join a club or group of some sort? Mom could help you look into that :) good luck OP.

By  okamiyazaki  |  8

Shopping by yourself is the best! Try to enjoy it. You can go to whatever store you want and take as long as you want. I bet you'll notice a lot of other people shopping by themselves too.