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Today, I realized I've been driving for almost two years and still get excited when I park between the lines on my first try. FML
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Hahaha I've been driving for 4 years and I still get excited :/

Meeshiaa 7

Lol. I do the same thing and i've been driving the same amount of years.


JonaDona 2

come one give OP a break...she is a woman

*Rides in on horse* The sexists are coming, the sexist are coming!

stfuscrub420 0

Hard to get past stereotypes when people are so adamant about proving them.

WOMEN DRIVERS.... what more can you expect

what everyone else said....women should stick to cooking and making sandwiches and the occasional trip oustide to buy ingredients for the aforementioned things

yeah! sandwiches... n' stuff... Llamas can prowl!

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yeah family guy dude and men should just die, ooops I ment go out and fight.

A woman should only make a sandwhich for a man if A) She wants to B) She poisons it C) She plans to ram it up his ass

rallets 22

#83 is just bitter o_O but yea..women drivers, amirite?

woman can't drive, everyone knows that. I saw a video on YouTube of a woman who couldn't park her car for 5 mins so a random man had to get out of his car and do it for her. rofl.

JonaDona 2

to #84 A woman should only make a sandwich if: a) ALWAYS

Men generally have better spacial awareness, and therefore are usually better at maneuvering vehicles. As for the actual act of driving, I think it just depends on how attentive the driver is, and whether or not they know, and follow the traffic laws. I delivered pizzas for 3 years, and worked as a driver for a modeling agency for another two years, and have never been in an accident. I've been told by many people who have ridden with me that I am a great driver. Sometimes, however, it takes me 2 tries to parallel park :/

I used to have to parallel park every day last year. I would always try to squeeze my car into the smallest space I could. I once got it down to about 3 inches on either side, with my friend helping to guide me in so I wouldn't tap. I was so proud I took pictures :D

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dear #84 suck my dick and make me a sandwich before you reck my car

Yeah, idiots like OP make people think all women can't drive. OP, sell your car, get rid of your licence! You're an embarrassment.

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In my head I went " woman... Yeah I was right awesome"

Holy crap, the FYL:YDI ratio is even. 11911:11911

Hahaha I've been driving for 4 years and I still get excited :/

afroninjashuffle 0

no prob with that, as long as u feel accomplished in life do what u do

10 years for me and when I see that I'm lined up perfectly I feel accomplished.

I should probably add that I am a pretty good driver otherwise... just that damn parking.

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You know why women are bad drivers? It's tough to drive while making sandwiches.

no its because there's no road between the kitchen and the bedroom!

Get out of here you sexist asshole!

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That wasn't even clever or funny. Try again, ffml :)

Since when are people supposed to cater to your personal expectations, 54?

sourgirl101 28

It must have been a joke. Don't you see the smiley face thing? ":)" Well, that's what I'm guessing.

FFML_314 11

That wasn't punctuated, spelt or capitalized properly. Try again, mitchie11. :)

Meeshiaa 7

Lol. I do the same thing and i've been driving the same amount of years.

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have you been in any accidents?

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Do you also get amused by shiny objects?

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so?... really this post is so dumb

Figures her comment got moderated..she's from Degrassi XD

Th3_Ging3R 1

lol...I did the same thing my first 5 tyears ago lol

smokeymcpottt 3

She's Asian. None of their kind can drive. It's genetically proven.

HEY I'm Asian. Well not really east Asian. More South Asian. Well more like west Asian. And I've only been in one car accident. And am only at -14 points. And my license has only been suspended once (which I drove on for months because I didn't know until I got pulled over by this copper late one night).

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how has this not been moderated? someone is sleeping.

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They killed my comment! You bastards!

smokeymcpottt 3

... I'm so lesbian right now.