By Jack - 10/01/2016 02:07 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, after dating my girlfriend for a while, I had a realization. She often says things like, "You're my favorite!" and scratches my beard, which I appreciated affectionately. Upon meeting her pets, it dawned on me that I am just another one of her cats. FML
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I'd recommend purring for extra scratches.

If she loves her cats, I don't see a problem. Plus she'll feed yoj


If she loves her cats, I don't see a problem. Plus she'll feed yoj

Apologies, *you. I wrote that just as I woke up and apparently wasn't capable of reading

Yoj will have to fight the fat squirrels. The warm winter spoiled them.

That's an excuse to act like you think you are a god. Haha. Since all cats think they're gods.

I like the way you explain your jokes immediately. It shows you've got spunk.

and she can't have sex with the cats :D

No cat likes fancy feast! Friskies, what cats want!

No- Meow Mix! It's the only one cats ask for by name!!

The question is - how many cats does she have?

They're like exclamation marks: more than 3 is a sign of madness.

#61 Oh dear me! In that case I've slipped into comfortable insanity!!!!!

That's a little too weird... But not everyone is perfect. At least you appreciated it before it "dawned on you".

Still getting beard scratches though- i see no problem unless she starts buying litter in bulk!

asperix 20

or when she only gives you food in one specific bowl! btw if she starts spraying you with water just talk! she'll get so startled you're gonna have time to run!