By porcelainleigh - 23/11/2016 19:41 - United States

Today, I got engaged. I called my mom and told her. "You didn't say yes, did you?" she said. Afterwards, I told my dad. "Uh, Congratulations. But, I have questions." Thanks guys. FML
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"Mom, I got engaged!" "You didn't say yes, did you?" "I… I feel like it was implied that I did. It's not like he worded his proposal so my refusal would be a double negative. 'Will you not marry me?' 'No.'"

Sounds like the conversation was rather engaging


Sounds like the conversation was rather engaging

Guys, I'm pretty sure this comment is sarcastic...

Congratulations, OP! Better now than later for the questions . At least you can reassure them and get on with the wedding preparations. Hopefully they'll be supportive- they're probably just shocked.

"Mom, I got engaged!" "You didn't say yes, did you?" "I… I feel like it was implied that I did. It's not like he worded his proposal so my refusal would be a double negative. 'Will you not marry me?' 'No.'"

I feel like there's not enough information. There's gotta be a reason they're so aloof

Yeah, but unfortunately the reason might be that they're kinda douchey parents.

Yes, you are correct, it might very well be exactly that. Or it might be because the parents see or know something that OP does not. Certainly, there have been times in my life where I thought my parents were being total douches, but then later realized they were actually just smarter and more perceptive about the situation than I was. There have also been times when my parents took a long time to figure out that, although I chose something they would not have chosen for me, I was ultimately making the right choice for me. We simply do not have enough information about this specific situation to know for sure.

Definitely. I actually had proposed to my girlfriend, and my parents' reactions were extremely similar to op's parents. Naturally I was infuriated, but soon thereafter I realized they were very right in being concerned about things as that was not a healthy relationship. I was just too blinded by puppy love to see it. There's two people that will always be right about your relationships: your parent(s) and your dog (dogs are people :P).

Sometimes it's possible to have douchey parents AND a douchey SO. My mom's mentally ill, so I always took it with a grain of salt when she'd cry after I brought a boy home (the second or third time, it was because she "hoped I'd turn out to be a lesbian"...). My dad, after I dumped the boyfriend who tried to leave me stranded in a frozen mountain town by stealing my car, simply said, "Good. I never liked him anyway." Thanks for the heads-up, Pops! If OP trusts her parents' judgment in general, though, it's probably worth sitting down with them and finding out what their reservations are. If they're drama generators, on the other hand, she should ignore the comments unless her gut tells her differently.

An engaging conversation too? Wow, you're good OP. You can start engaging in arguements if a wedding happens with your parents.

Congratulations. It may just be me, but their reaction shows that maybe you ought to think twice about getting married.

Think twice about inviting them, that's for sure.

Dad's #1 Question: Have you considered elopement? (Weddings are expensive!)

I don't think you should take it to heart OP. Maybe they just have a few worries about him or the marriage. Im sure if you talk to them they'll come around. Congrats on the engagement.