By Fibericon - 17/08/2009 20:02 - Taiwan

Today, I showed up at work and a coworker pointed a gun at me. After twisting his arm and leveling his face into the wall, I found out it was a lighter. Now I might lose my job over his stupid joke. FML
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Wow, didn't expect this many comments. I talked to my boss about it today. The coworker had actually lodged a complaint, but conveniently forgot to mention the whole thing about a lighter that looks like a gun. He doesn't work there anymore. The main reason I thought I was going to lose my job was that he had worked there for a lot longer than I had. I've been there less than a year. I was worried that he could have said anything he wanted and I'd end up with the shit end of the stick just because I was new. As for whether or not I over reacted, maybe I could have taken a moment to analyze the situation, but it's not like he was trying to take my wallet or telling me to do anything. He silently pointed a "gun" at me. The last time I spoke to him I had said to him was that his English sucked and he shouldn't be teaching (I work at an ESL institute). The next time I saw him, gun in the face. I asked a cop friend from the states about it, he said if someone pointed that at him they'd get shot.

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Lose your job over it? He should lose his job for pulling such an immature prank at work.

Don't listen to anyone telling you that you deserve it. They just think they could react calmly in a situation like it's some sort of movie where they can dodge a bullet and face danger down, maybe throw in a cool line like Dirty Harry telling the guy about the gun he's holding and tell him something like, "You couldn't hit a, etcetera." He pulled something out on you like it was a gun. It was shaped like a gun. Guns come in all sizes - some smaller than a credit card. Just tell your co-worker and boss that you have no hard feelings, and at the end of the day, he's the one with the bruised body.


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Self-defense =/= copying movies.

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Exactly, the coworker deserved it.

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yea, in the movies you get shot a dozen times and live if you are important enough to the script... Good on the OP for having the reflexes and balls. Also that will teach the co-worker. Call me uptight, but do not joke around with "guns" like do it to the wrong person (IE: a veteran, a police officer, anyone who has been in a real life or death situation) and reflexes are likely to take over...the co-worker is lucky he didnt get his shit rocked even harder; you do this to someone else and he might end up with a broken arm or worse.

#61 so true! Who the hell pulls a prank that stupid, seriously. The idiot co-worker was lucky he didn't end up with broken bones, and it's totally unfair for the OP to get in trouble for this. The co-worker should be the one fired for inadmissible behavior at work.

Yeah, I agree. Who the hell "jokes" around with a gun? That's just dumb. I honestly can't believe that you would be the one who gets into trouble in this situation. I mean what do they want you to do? Put up your hands in resignation and get shot in the face? I mean really, what you did was really quite brave and ballsy. You have my admiration sir. If they fire you then you should sue for wrongful termination or some shit (if you can, IDK about laws in Tiawan)

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I don't know about Taiwan, but that's illegal in California. What the coworker did, not the OP

you dumbass. people don't only get shot in movies. You just think that because you watch too many movies and probably believe that everything only happens in movies. I'd like to see you in this situation.

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Almost everyone plays around with guns. For example, my brother bought some airsoft guns (which hurt and sting pretty bad) and he shot me in the thigh because I wouldn't let him on the PS3. And then there's always things like paintball and hunting, although I guess you don't PLAY with guns while hunting because it's more serious. Anyways, OP will be a hero one day and he seems like a badass mofo, I give him internet props.

yes... i have friends too that play around with airsoft guns and i get shot at with them... but i kjnow they are airsoft guns... my friends arent stupid enough to aim a gun at me if i didnt know if was fake...

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I would have reacted the same as the OP. School and Workplace shootings DO happen and they're an extremely serious matter. When a co-worker pulls a stupid stunt like that then people go into survival mode, the OP felt threatened and defended himself and anyone else close by.

Paintball guns and airsoft guns don't look like real guns. Coworker deserved what he got. He's lucky he didn't try that trick on or around someone who had a real gun.

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that's not your fault you can get arrested for that and YOU might get fired?

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147 r u retarded? I've seen airsoft guns that look like guns... and there's sniper rifle air soft guns that technically work the same way as real ones and look the same too get ur facts straight before u blurt ur stupidness out.

If I was your boss I would fire your coworker right away and give you a raise. You shouldn't joke about guns and I would love to have someone with a heroic personality, reflexes, and strength in my office in case we get in a bad situation. Go you!

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Just say it was Self defence.

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How long would it have taken you to tell them apart? Enough time to get shot?

There are also novelty lighters that look like guns...

I've seen lighters that look much too like guns. Also, what drimpossible said, too. Really, who would take the time to consider?

*stfunubcake*... if you didn't know how you could done any better, why dump on the OP?

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Because he's a jerk who only came here to troll.

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He mistook a lighter for a gun, not a gun for a lighter. And there are lighters that look like guns.

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I actually own a lighter like this. It looks like and is roughly the same size as a 9mm Handgun. You pull the trigger and the fire comes out of the barrel.

*stfunubcake* if you don't know what you're talking about, it's generally best not to call other people idiots... especially if you're going to get upset when you get corrected. Trolling fail.

are you ******* dumb? lighters aren't like airsoft or bb guns. i've seen millions of lighters that looked like real guns. Dumbass...

Was it a lighter in the body of a gun? kinda like on that movie RockNRolla? Cause that might make more sense.

Wow, really? You're gonna take the time to look at a gun when someone points one at you to determine if it's fake or not? See you on the news.

wow you idiot you would take the time to check if it looked like a gun? "here hand it over and let me pull the trigger to check if thats a real gun before i react or anything"

Lose your job over it? He should lose his job for pulling such an immature prank at work.

thank you for being the voice of reason amongst morons

Whoa, number eight totally changed my view on life. I mean... how would I have ever come to the conclusion that the coworker was the one who acted inappropriately, not the worker?!

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shut the F up humor, nobody needs people like you

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YDI for being violent. Police should lock you up.

when someone points a gun at you and its not fake you won't be laughing when you stand there instead of protecting yourself

And pulling a gun on someone ISN'T violent? Yeah, OP, next time someone pulls a gun on you, you better carefully inspect it to make sure it's an actual gun. Disregard the fact that, if it's real, you could get shot while doing it!

Wow, just wow. This person, just walking into work, thought that they were going to get shot and thus, acted accordingly. Would you just stand ******* still, you know, take the passive root if you were in that position? Likely not.