By CollegeFreshman - / Friday 11 September 2009 04:20 / United States
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  bexox  |  0

80 - Who wants to hear about someone else having sex in their bed? It wasn't sex with the OP, so how wold that be good?
Also, the OP is a female.

  Damarys  |  0

Yes, I'm pretty sure he knows how the FML works. A blacklight makes visible bodily fluids such as vaginal or seminal, so thequickredofox's tangent isn't really a tangent at all. So when the surface that one is shining on lights up, it means such fluids are present. Is all.

Luckily my first year at college they changed out all the mattresses and our year got them brand new. I would hate to have any blacklight revelations.

By  Th217  |  2

actually happened to me last year in my old college house, cept it was a guy and he didn't list his virginity, he just fucked a lot in the same area in which my bed was....I upheld his tradition lol

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