By Anonymous - 08/03/2013 10:51 - United States - Irvine

Today, my dad and I had an hour-long conversation. When he was getting up to leave my room he said, "Good talk Chelsey." My sister is Chelsey. So I corrected him. He thought I was joking. My father can't tell my sister and I apart. We are not twins. FML
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Whatever, Chelsea. You won't fool me!

This is when you do something really bad, and blame Chelsea.. "No dad, it was Chelsea!" *points sheepishly at unsuspecting sister*


This is when you do something really bad, and blame Chelsea.. "No dad, it was Chelsea!" *points sheepishly at unsuspecting sister*

If he thinks she's Chelsea that's probably not the best idea...

Warning: posting comments before noon and/or having a large cup of coffee could result in faulty logic. You win this time! :)

Whatever, Chelsea. You won't fool me!

katykilbs 1

Haha, good one Chelsey- Chelseys father.

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Indeed you are able to read.. Proud of youuuuu

Ugh dammit, "Chelsey" is how OP spelled it. So I guess that's "correct". My bad.

feldco1 17

You could use this as an excuse to get a tattoo so your dad can tell you two apart lol

If you're getting a tattoo for the right reasons then I don't think you need an 'excuse'. If you think you need an excuse then you probably shouldn't get a tattoo.

KommanderKush420 5

"Hey that's a cool tattoo. Why did you decide to get it?" "So my dad can tell the difference between me and my sister."

I love tattoos and have 4 of them. This is not a reason to get a tattoo though. I agree with the commenter that said if you need an excuse to get a tattoo then you probably should not get one.

You just need a gimmick, maybe wear a hat or a fake mustache :) Or just always dress alike to confuse the crap out of him!

countryrose92 23

I say dress alike. That seems like more fun.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Old age. Enjoy him while you can.

I guess he didn't know what room was yours either

perdix 29

What can you expect from him? He can't even spell Chelsea! I won't even guess how he butchered your name, Anonymous!

Maybe that's how they spell her name... There is more then one spelling for most names.

The ability to detect sarcasm is a useful skill, 30.

perdix 29

#30, there are often multiple spellings for a name -- the right way and several wrong ways.

He can spell it like chelsey if that's how he chose to.... Maybe there's a particular reason for spelling it that way.... Obviously chelsey isn't your daughter so you wouldn't know now would you

perdix 29

#47, he may spell it Chelsey, but that would be wrong. Upon viewing your fine punctuation and capitalization, I've concluded that you are not a stickler for correctness. I once saw a guy named Dhavid, and I wanted to slap him. That's ****** up!

Like when people spell Sarah as Sara? I just want to slap their parents.

I have seen mike spelled myq... That's ****** up. And dear god, people can't detect sarcasm when they have it pointed out to them...

With fathers your lucky if the recognize you as their children

23- Exactly. Despite the profile picture equation that made you, I think he knows what's his.

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I'd hate to think about the type of father you grew up with due to your attitude towards all fathers.

It's a generalization based on years studying fathers in the wild.