By Anonymous - 08/03/2013 10:51 - United States - Irvine

Today, my dad and I had an hour-long conversation. When he was getting up to leave my room he said, "Good talk Chelsey." My sister is Chelsey. So I corrected him. He thought I was joking. My father can't tell my sister and I apart. We are not twins. FML
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Whatever, Chelsea. You won't fool me!

This is when you do something really bad, and blame Chelsea.. "No dad, it was Chelsea!" *points sheepishly at unsuspecting sister*


Maybe he's just getting old...

This is when you do something really bad, and blame Chelsea.. "No dad, it was Chelsea!" *points sheepishly at unsuspecting sister*

If he thinks she's Chelsea that's probably not the best idea...

Warning: posting comments before noon and/or having a large cup of coffee could result in faulty logic. You win this time! :)

Whatever, Chelsea. You won't fool me!

katykilbs 1

Haha, good one Chelsey- Chelseys father.

DyslexicPanda 12

Indeed you are able to read.. Proud of youuuuu

...but not spell.

Ugh dammit, "Chelsey" is how OP spelled it. So I guess that's "correct". My bad.

feldco1 17

You could use this as an excuse to get a tattoo so your dad can tell you two apart lol

Thats a dumb excuse

If you're getting a tattoo for the right reasons then I don't think you need an 'excuse'. If you think you need an excuse then you probably shouldn't get a tattoo.

What if she doesn't want a tattoo?

KommanderKush420 5

"Hey that's a cool tattoo. Why did you decide to get it?" "So my dad can tell the difference between me and my sister."

Thats so fucking idiotic

I love tattoos and have 4 of them. This is not a reason to get a tattoo though. I agree with the commenter that said if you need an excuse to get a tattoo then you probably should not get one.

You just need a gimmick, maybe wear a hat or a fake mustache :) Or just always dress alike to confuse the crap out of him!

countryrose92 23

I say dress alike. That seems like more fun.

Obey_StudBoii 23

Old age. Enjoy him while you can.

I guess he didn't know what room was yours either

perdix 29

What can you expect from him? He can't even spell Chelsea! I won't even guess how he butchered your name, Anonymous!

Maybe that's how they spell her name... There is more then one spelling for most names.

The ability to detect sarcasm is a useful skill, 30.

perdix 29

#30, there are often multiple spellings for a name -- the right way and several wrong ways.

He can spell it like chelsey if that's how he chose to.... Maybe there's a particular reason for spelling it that way.... Obviously chelsey isn't your daughter so you wouldn't know now would you

perdix 29

#47, he may spell it Chelsey, but that would be wrong. Upon viewing your fine punctuation and capitalization, I've concluded that you are not a stickler for correctness. I once saw a guy named Dhavid, and I wanted to slap him. That's fucked up!

Like when people spell Sarah as Sara? I just want to slap their parents.

I have seen mike spelled myq... That's fucked up. And dear god, people can't detect sarcasm when they have it pointed out to them...

With fathers your lucky if the recognize you as their children

Nah my dad recognizes me allright...

23- Exactly. Despite the profile picture equation that made you, I think he knows what's his.

BellaBelle_fml 23

I'd hate to think about the type of father you grew up with due to your attitude towards all fathers.

It's a generalization based on years studying fathers in the wild.