Gripes and strife

By Jordan - 20/03/2023 12:00

Today, my girlfriend was griping to me about being late for work. When I pointed out that she wouldn’t be late if she didn’t rely on someone else for a ride, she bitched me out about being “unsympathetic.” Did I mention she refused to learn to drive? FML
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Take your most flattering pic and send it. You might be his type.

so she needs to get driving lessons and buy a car just so you won't go out a few minutes earlier so she'll be on time?

When girls complain (guys do this too but it is stereotypically a girl thing) they just want to be heard. Get better at just listening and being sympathetic then sit back and watch the relationship points grow. It's not hard once you realize what she is doing and you get into the right mentality. Seriously it will be good for both of you. Look up online how to do it but basically just say things supportive and in general agreement without giving advice. She already knows how to solve the problem on her own. Guys do this too but in different ways. Unless she is toxic or something she just wants to vent for a bit. If you don't stay together it will be a good skill for next time.

I never learned to drive as my anxiety would go up to 11 if I were ever behind the wheel. Have you ever considered that may be the case for her? By the way, my partner has zero issues driving me anywhere I need to go.