By BananaCoconutty - 16/05/2015 16:33 - Canada - Stoney Creek

Today, I had the most excitement I have felt in the last two months when I went to a drugstore and they had my favourite bandaids. FML
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BananaCoconutty tells us more.

They were the Scooby Doo Bandaids! Lol

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I don't think it's painful that you can get excited over little things like that! Sometimes I can get really excited over small things too, don't feel bad OP. It makes you appreciate little things in life! :)

yes but it is painful if it is the only excitement you felt in the last two months

I hope they were 'The Wiggles' bandaids

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They were Scooby-Doo bandaids but I don't think that makes the situation any better xD

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The Goofy ones are the best. They remind me of better times, when cartoons actually had values.

Honestly: all of us get a little excited about themed band aids. Whoever denies it is a liar.

Sorry, but I don't. But I know people who do.

@10 Fair enough. They were a staple item throughout my entire childhood.

Lol, is it a fair guess that you prone to an accident or two :)

It's scientifically proven that themed Band-aids heal wounds faster! (Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, just someone who gets hurt a lot. Study has only been done on myself)

What have you been doing for the last two months? We need a follow up on this!

Mate, from by the sound of the FML I think the answer is a resounding bugger all. Would be a well shit follow up.

I could just imagine the update. "Hey guys OP here! They're smiley faces band aids and I bought 2 boxes! Thanks for the support"

Wow, hate to say it but you really need to get out more and meet people.

Either you need to go out more or finding bandaids is REALLY exciting for you. Not rlly sure which one applies here.

It's just that Bandaids are really exciting

I love fun bandaids because I'm very accident prone and use them a lot. Today I have a monster face and a Disney Princess from cooking injuries. Don't feel bad OP, cool things are awesome!