By stuck - 07/11/2012 15:00 - United States - California

Today, I paid a locksmith $100 after I locked myself out of my apartment. All he did was hit it, and it flung open. It wasn't locked, it'd just got stuck. FML
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yodas0da 12

easiest $100 the locksmith ever made

I think it's time for you to start hitting the gym if you're stumped by an unlocked door.


Probably wouldve made sense to just kick it open anyways

Wouldn't door repairs be required if doing so? And if so wouldn't it cost more?

Ah but op wouldntve felt as dumb...

unknown_user5566 26

"Wouldntve"? I think I just died a little inside.

Would + Not + Have But if you prefer it like this then: Ah but then op would not have felt as dumb. Feel better?

I prefer "Wouldn't've". It's actually a word to those who don't know. *cough cough* kyleekay.

It's actually a contraction made up of three words, not a single word. Cough cough.

unknown_user5566 26

37- Is it? If it is, then my apologies. However, I didn't think it was recognized as a proper word.

I refuse to believe wouldn't've is a proper English word.

English is already not proper.

"Proper" as in not formal? No contractions are considered formal.

Stop this grammar fight immediately.

Well the bright side is you're inside your home now. Next time if it happens again make sure to try a little harder to get in?

Better to bitch about this inside your apartment then to be stuck outside.

I think it's time for you to start hitting the gym if you're stumped by an unlocked door.

I'd be willing to bet that OP hasn't got a large frame; I wood think you'd have to be a knob to pay that much for someone to kick a door open.

Krajjan 9

You've obviously never been in a similar jam, my mustachioed muse.

Nothing I couldn't get a handle on, no.

Money well spent. Seriously, did you even try the door to see if it could come open?

shadexilmaendu 4

I'm sure they tried it, it was stuck. Ever gotten a door stuck before? It happened once at my old apartment because the dumbass landlord had put the door on backwards, it went to far and wouldn't come back open. We had to crawl through a tiny gap separating my bedroom closet from the front closet and actually take the door off it's hinges to get it to open. I can understand not wanting to create damage I'd you're renting, at that place I knew I wasn't getting my deposit back so I wouldn't have cared as much, but I'd be hesitant to risk breaking a door or anything here, because I know I have to pay any and all damages

I agree with you completely, but the fact that OP says "all he did was hit it," that makes me feel as though OP didn't really try too hard to open it. I don't mean smash it open, but the person he paid didn't break it did he? So couldn't OP also have done this? This feels like a waste of 100 dollars. Just my opinion.

Krajjan 9

28- You're getting "opinion" and "reasonable assessment based on presented evidence" mixed up again.

perdix 29

Girls only go for guys with mad skills. This guy apparently has mad door-hitting skills. You ought to tag along with him and hit on his rejects.

unknown_user5566 26

Ah, the awkward moment when an inanimate object outsmarts you.

Is this a moment you're familiar with? ;)

perdix 29

You're telling me! Yesterday, I got totally flummoxed by a garbage can liner. I had to fight valiantly to figure out how to get it open. Good thing the SAT didn't have a Janitorial section, otherwise I wouldn't have got into college!

Well at least now you have it in the bag, Perdix! Don't you?

unknown_user5566 26

10- Maybe... don't judge me! Ah, perdix. So the smart guy act has been a charade; I knew the truth would come out eventually!

perdix 29

#23, I'm book smart, not bag smart ;)

Is this a true FML? There have been men that have never seen the light of day after locking themselves in.. That man spared you from the perils of hell! Do not throw away your redemption, use your freedom wisely.. You could be the next locksmith..

yodas0da 12

easiest $100 the locksmith ever made

This would have been the perfect opportunity to practice some burglar tactics

90lb weakling! 100 push-ups, now! I mean it! Put down your iPhone!