By joser6969 - 29/10/2011 14:07 - United States

Today, I locked myself out of my own shop. And I'm a locksmith. FML
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Oh, the irony.

Call a locksmith? FYL


Isn't that your speciality? To unlock locked things?

A double fail doesn't make a win. Fyl

he obviously can't unlock himself without tools

If the mathematical equation, fail x fail, does not equal win, my theory of falling down the stairs and then following down again is totally flawed. I guess I'll just go jump off a cliff twice now, since I know that it will still be a fail.

God. I said following down. I'm an idiot. It took my a long time to write that too and it was all for nothing. I can't even say the same thing again to make it a win.

He should not look at this situation as a problem, but as a challenge.

Why is number 1 getting voted down? He's right. If OP's a locksmith, he should have the skills to unlock his own door. This includes know which tools to purchase if needed.

The problem is not that he cannot find a solution to his mistake but that he made a mistake in the first place.

That's not gonna be good for business.

31- It's because his original comment was "First!" to secure the top spot. Then he edited it to something slightly less obnoxious.

No one is saying it's not an FML, it sucks, but it would be worst if this event happened to someone that didn't know how to solve the problem. He does. (or I hope he does) (:

Don't be bitch. Grab a bobby pin and a Uni-Ball pen for a tension wrench, an pick that shit like a boss!

Call ghost busters?

Clips work pretty well too, just twist them a little to get an "m" form, and you got yourself a lockpick

All the people saying he can still get in- how? With his bare hands? He's a locksmith. Not Jesus Christ.

I don't think we have to point out this is very ironic.

Macgyver the lock! :D

No shit, Sherlock.

On the upside, OP knows that they're good at their job if it's that hard to get back in their store.

So you one of those people aii

Shouldn't be any trouble getting back in.

I bet there's a key under the mat.

HowAreYouToday 34


Not really. This is more of a palm to face moment.

I don't see the awkwardness. Irony, however, I do see.

Everything isn't fucking awkward, ok kiddies?! Enough with the trends. Try expanding on originality... just a smidgen. :-)

2- That awkward moment when you say something's awkward when it's not.

do you really think you deserve the title of locksmith anymore?

I bet it was slightly awkward when he had to call a competitor locksmith to unlock his shop...

Just do a demonstration on how you do your job

Bad marketing idea bro

Oh, the irony.

Can't you just smell it

It smells like victory! Wait...

And then cupcakeluver12 ruined it...

More like "iron KEY", amirite?

99, not locked outside.

This is a very good example of situational irony. So what would OP say to the locksmith if he had to call one? Haha.


I haha at your haha.

Why thank you ;D

Here's your sign..

... Should have finished high school

Go be a prostitute or something

Jeff Foxworthy is great isn't he?

Call a locksmith? FYL

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaa yeaaa

Op should use Siri like inn the comercial!

This will be funny explaining to the other lock smith you call to open it. Lol

Now someone's fml would be,"Today, someone called me to pick their lock for them.Turns out, he was a locksmith."

How is that an FML?

It's a FML to the other person I guess lol

Lol, that would be hilarious.

No it wouldn't. And it would be more of a post for NotAlwaysRight

Why would that be a FML? They get paid for doing that...

There goes your credibility.

That is the definition of irony right there

My thoughts exactly! It's beautiful, actually. :) Op, don't sweat it too much. I know it's terribly embarrassing, but you're still human. Mistakes happen. Hopefully this experience is humbling and you'll remember to sympathize with your customers (even the truly idiotic).