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  Stazza11  |  27

Like #1 said OP, but also don't be hurt by what your parents said, obviously it means you are a caring guy who respects women and you open up to them. Don't lose that.

Keep on keepin on, you will find the right gal :)

  cakefete2  |  30

I disagree with you, #1. It might not be nice to hear, but it could be the truth. OP should take time for introspection now, so that he doesn't prove his parents right later.

  skittyskatbrat  |  19

Selfish and controlling women hunt for sweet and trusting guys! Take your time before picking a wife and do NOT let her rush you into marriage, and hopefully you'll find someone sweet!!!
Too many good guys get trapped by not-so-good women and the opposite is also true :(
Dunno if it is an FYL, because it is also a warning that might save you some grief!!

  foxwasalamb  |  24

#35 what a cruel thing to say. "nice guys finish last" is a common saying about how stereotypically women go for the douchey, asshole guys, and if the guy is actually nice and caring, it wont matter in the long run, as we will only choose someone who treats us like shit. thats all.

  junkman6  |  22

Heh I agree with #46. It's a saying for a reason. May not be the modern day hippie bullshit that everyone pretends is true... But yeah it's still true. You have to be a bit of a self centered prick to get anywhere in life.

"You can be generous after you've left a path of bodies to the top."