By Anonymous - United States
Today, while sleeping, I heard an explosion. My neighbor then knocked on my door and informed me that he had just hit my car with shrapnel from a cannon. Not only do I not have a car to drive, but I also have to put this claim on my insurance due to my neighbor being on welfare. FML
Leverathin tells us more :
For anyone that's following this, the cops were called. I was on the phone with my insurance company due to him not having any kind of insurance. Next thing I know the cops are busting into the building with shields and rifles
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  mzeemzima  |  0

wait I don't get why op gotta pay for the damage wats a welfare if I were op this is wat I would say, " Today, my neighbor accidentally blew up my car with a cannon and I accidentally blew up his face with a RPG, WIN!"

  Zebidee  |  8

Generally in the US, it's legal if the cannon doesn't cross the line into the 'destructive device' category. Most muzzle-loaded antique style or salute cannons are OK. State law imposes additional restrictions though, and firing projectiles from them is right on the line of legality, so if it's what you're into, you'd better have done your homework!

Still, none of that absolves you of liability for damage done by firing one. With freedom comes responsibility.

  jisaac09  |  25

Because poor people need hobbies too. And actually it is on the cheap side (compared to drugs, cars, alcohol, etc). You can launch the same projectile all you want and you can get powder for very little.

By  maddiester  |  5

you should conceive a baby from the neighbor and his son. double the child support. find a way to show the government he has a high paying job and walla. you're done.

By  RiedigerD2  |  0

A guy on welfare should not be waisting his time or money playing with or making cannons, if he is stupid enough to fire a cannon towards anything of any value he should be paying for it. I would charge him.